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Summary of important non-ferrous information: weekly review of metals, inventory data, downstream start-up
Sep 12,2020 11:34CST
Summary of important non-ferrous information: market inventory in the main copper area fell 4400 tons month-on-month * lithium electricity orders improved copper foil consumption * recycled alloy prices entered the uplink channel * Electrolytic aluminum plant bottom purchase overseas transaction prices rose high and fell back * from the point of view of waste battery recycling follow-up lead price trend * consumer plate increase or decrease offset lead battery operating rate maintenance stability * Die casting zinc alloy order improvement 9 Monthly demand is still expected * the news of cobalt collection and storage may delay the decline of cobalt price.
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Metal news

Scrap copper daily review: scrap copper traders take advantage of the low delivery of goods and the supply of goods is tight.

Stocks in mainstream copper regions across the country fell 4400 tons month-on-month this week. [SMM data]

[SMM analysis] the plate and strip started smoothly without the improvement of lithium electricity orders in the peak season to drive the consumption of copper foil.

[SMM Aluminum downstream Weekly Survey] in peak season, the demand for aluminum downstream slowly increases and cars replace real estate to become the bright spot of demand growth.

Weekly Review of waste Aluminum and recycled Aluminum (2020.9.7 / 2020.9.11)

[SMM analysis] both supply and demand are good for the price of recycled alloys to enter the upstream channel.

SMM Bauxite spot Weekly Review (2020.9.7-9.11) the game of mine alumina plant intensifies

Aluminum SMM Alumina Weekly Review (0907-0911): the overseas transaction price of electrolytic aluminum plant bottom purchase goes up and goes down.

The start-up rate of aluminum profiles increased slightly in August during the off-season in summer. [SMM analysis] the start-up rate of aluminum profiles increased slightly in August.

The price of metallurgical grade silicon increases and the monthly price of chemical grade silicon is agreed.

[SMM Analysis] look at the trend of follow-up lead price from the point of view of waste battery recycling

[SMM survey] the increase and decrease of the consumer plate offset the stability of the operating rate of lead-acid batteries.

[SMM investigation] the weekly operating rate of Guizhou refinery resuming the production of recycled lead has increased slightly.

[SMM Analysis] the room for terminal demand growth is limited. Zinc oxide start-up held steady in the third quarter.

SMM survey] Zinc downstream orders improve overall zinc ingots buy on the bargain and have a stock.

[SMM Analysis] Die casting zinc alloy order improvement in September is still looking forward to

[SMM data] the plummeting price of lead hits the social inventory of consumer lead ingots in the lower reaches.

Shanghai Nickel V-shaped recovery part of the decline is expected to be dominated by the recent shock consolidation of nickel prices. [SMM's point of view]

[SMM analysis] stainless steel contract stops falling and stabilizes and is expected to have a limited decline in the later period.

Chinese stainless Steel Weekly report (20200911)

Weekly Review of Nickel Pig Iron Trading: this week, the nickel price of stainless steel has adjusted sharply, and the focus of negotiations in the nickel-iron market has shifted downward.

[SMM data] September 11 pure nickel social inventory: nickel price correction stimulates consumption warmer warehouse receipt outflow more nickel bean consumption can still be reduced by local social inventory

Spot Index report of MMi Iron Ore Port (11th)

Thread week carding: dream back to August, the price goes back to the dilemma

[SMM analysis] in the Ningde era, the route of high nickel demand reaching 33GWh high nickel and low cobalt next year is still the future development trend.

[SMM analysis] Cobalt collection and storage information is implemented or delayed the process of cobalt price decline.

Bi [SMM Bismuth spot Weekly Review] Bismuth market price is stable (2020.9.7-2020.9.11)

[SMM selenium Weekly Review] Raw material prices rise, selenium market injects new vitality (9.7-9.11)

Li [Chrome Mine Weekly Review] all the outer disk rose and the domestic contradictions highlighted.

Weekly Review of Electrolytic Manganese (9.7-9.11): the wait-and-see mentality increased under the hindrance of the high manganese price transaction.

The Weekly Review of imported Manganese Ore (9.7-9.11): the market is worried about a slight rise in turnover.

Weekly Review of Silicon and Manganese Market (9.7-9.11): prices rise first and then fall and production capacity increases again

[SMM Cobalt Lithium spot Weekly report (0907-0911)] sales of new energy vehicles increased by 26% in August compared with the same period last year. Storage may have a limited impact on cobalt prices.

[SMM Analysis] the domestic rare earth market continues to be under pressure this week.

SMM magnesium spot Weekly Review] magnesium ingot prices continue to refresh the lowest price, transaction has not improved (2020.9.7-2020.9.11)

Weekly Review of SMM Aluminum Accessories (2020.9.07-9.11)

[SMM data] increase in resumption of production the operating rate of silicon enterprises rebounded by 7 percentage points in August compared with the previous month.

[SMM Antimony spot Weekly Review] Antimony prices continue to consolidate this week (2020.9.7-2020.9.11)

Short-term gold price long-short interweaving industry insiders are still optimistic about the long-term trend.

[SMM data] inventory in the bonded area on Sept. 11: almost no incoming goods in the bonded area are declared at customs and the inventory in the bonded area is flat.

Selected SMM Weekly report


SMM Weekly selection] this week's aluminum price range concussion gold nine silver ten "peak season effect" remains to be verified

[selected SMM Weekly] the price in the steel market returned to the dilemma in August.


[selected SMM Weekly] the fundamentals are relatively healthy and zinc prices are expected to rise at a low level.

[SMM Weekly] lead fundamentals are short and concerned about the supply of waste batteries and the primary price difference between recycled batteries.


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