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Sources say India plans to restrict imports of copper and aluminum from China
Sep 11,2020 10:16CST
Source:SMM compilation
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SMM9: India is planning to tighten regulation of copper and aluminum imports and formulate policies to curb exports from China and other Asian countries to protect domestic producers, Indian officials said.

Government sources said officials in New Delhi were expected to soon require importers to register with the authorities, a first step towards tightening controls that would require separate shipments of two metals to apply for permits.

China, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand are the main sources of Indian copper imports, according to Indian government data. Last year, copper from these five Asian countries accounted for 45% of India's total copper imports. India imported about $4.4 billion worth of aluminum in 2019. China is the largest supplier, with aluminum shipments worth more than $1 billion.

Aluminium also faces hostility from local Indian producers. "China poses a huge threat to the Indian aluminum industry," said Bhatia (Bhatia), secretary-general of the Indian Mining Federation, an Indian mining lobby.

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