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Waste heat generation of zinc roasting plant in Zhuzhou smelter reaches a new high
Sep 11,2020 09:30CST
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SMM News: August, Zhuzhou smelting Group Co., Ltd. Zinc roasting plant waste heat power generation 6.158 million kilowatt-hours, a new record in January, a new record.

Zinc roasting plant in-depth implementation of Hunan Nonferrous Metals holding Group Co., Ltd. "party building leading, fine management, strive for five excellent" activities, widely publicize and formulate the implementation plan, refine the plan, goal and progress to the team. Under the leadership of Li Weidong, a model worker and Communist Party member of the company, the waste heat power generation post aims at its own characteristics, fine operation, unity and cooperation, mutual learning, clear objectives, strict control of process parameters, stable steam output and quality of waste heat boiler, strengthen equipment inspection, and carry out stable operation of roaster-sulphuric acid system. On August 8th, the daily power generation reached an all-time high of 249000 kilowatt-hours, and in August, the waste heat generation reached a new high.

Two waste heat generating sets in zinc roasting plant are transfer and transformation projects of Zhuzhou smelter, which were successfully put into production in April and August 2019 through installation and commissioning. It is reported that since it was put into production, waste heat power generation has generated a total of 65.132 million kilowatt-hours, making a great contribution to the company's production and efficiency.

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