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To be a "plastic surgeon" of electronic copper foil-- A record of Zhao Yingchao, a model worker in Tongling Nonferrous Group
Sep 10,2020 15:06CST
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SMM Network News: "Don't underestimate the 50-meter processing line, we are the 'plastic surgeon' of electronic copper foil, whether the copper foil is good or not, the key depends on the processing." Zhao Yingchao, deputy director of the first and second Copper foil Factory of Anhui Copper Guan Copper foil Group Co., Ltd., pointed to the surface treatment production line and said to the author. Zhao Yingchao, from the operator to the team leader, from the team leader to the section leader, and then to the model worker of Tongling Nonferrous Group Company and the deputy workshop director of Copper Guan Copper foil Company, has been working for 10 years. Along the way, take the lead, carefully carve every processing process. He often said, "since you have chosen this profession, don't be afraid to bear hardships, complain less, take more responsibility, study more, and contribute more."

Strive to be the "leader" of copper foil production

In 2010, Zhao Yingchao, who had just left campus, joined the first and second copper foil factory of Copper Guan Copper foil Company and was assigned to the surface treatment section to work as a unwinding worker. At first, Zhao Yingchao was full of energy, but he repeated the same work every day, and his colleagues resigned one after another in the same period, and he was shaken. Zheng Xiaowei, the then director of the processing workshop, found that they were impetuous, so he made an appointment with Zhao Yingchao and others to have a heart-to-heart talk. "We should not think that the treatment is very simple. The quality of copper foil mainly depends on the treatment. Every process of the section is very important. If you want to make a good product, you must always be a conscientious person. At present, Tongling non-ferrous copper foil production is still in its infancy, all of you here are the 'spark' of copper foil, and the important task of revitalizing the group's copper foil industry still depends on you. " Zheng Xiaowei said earnestly. Zhao Yingchao was so touched that he immediately set the goal of becoming a "bellwether" in copper foil production.

In order to better master the copper foil processing technology, Zhao Yingchao almost "glued" to the processor, observed the operation mode and equipment structure of the recording processor, wrote down his doubts in the small notebook he carried with him, and was always ready to ask the old masters for advice. even lunchtime has become a good opportunity for him to remove clothes and get employed. Day after day, year after year, Zhao Yingchao not only mastered the basic operational skills, but also understood the reasons for doing so. In the accumulation, he gradually grew into the leader of the surface treatment section.

Be good at solving problems and "dedicated people"

In 2016, there was a phenomenon of uneven thickness when dealing with copper foil, and the thicker the copper foil was, the more obvious it was, and the rate of finished products dropped to less than 94.0% at one time. In order to solve the problem as soon as possible, Zhao Yingchao lay day and night on the processor. He eliminated 14 electrolytic cells and more than 80 guide rollers one by one, and finally found that it was caused by the failure of the gearbox by touching the row and temperature measuring instruments. In order to avoid the recurrence of similar incidents, Zhao Yingchao made a courseware of safety knowledge, operating standards and procedures, equipment maintenance knowledge and many years of on-site practical experience in the workshop, together with picture illustrations, and placed them on the site of the work. so that everyone can see, everyone can know, everyone can master, he also regularly contact the actual at the work site to do training for employees. At the same time, Zhao Yingchao led and organized automation and maintenance departments to jointly revise the "rules for maintenance of Surface treatment machines" to standardize and periodicalize equipment inspection, maintenance and other work, so as to lay a solid foundation for future production and equipment maintenance.

In April 2017, there was a sudden appearance defect of copper foil glossy yellow strips in the production process, which will lead to product degradation or scrapping, while stopping production will not be able to fulfill customer orders on schedule. In the face of the dilemma, Zhao Yingchao summoned equipment managers and key personnel of the workshop section to set up a quality team, which he served as the leader of the team. From cots, under-water rollers to water spray, he had to carefully investigate those who came into contact with the smooth surface of copper foil, and finally determined that the accident was caused by organic membrane fouling. In order to avoid the occurrence of organic membrane fouling incident, he once again improved the standardized operation documents, through the formulation and implementation of various measures, the workshop production has not been downgraded due to yellow strips.

Be brave as the "vanguard" of new product development

In 2018, the company authorized the first and second workshop of copper foil to carry out the research and development of low roughness reversal electronic copper foil for 5G communications. At the beginning of the experiment, the conventional copper foil was treated on the rough surface to form a high roughness treatment surface to enhance the bonding force with the substrate, while the reversal copper foil was treated on the smooth surface, which not only required low surface roughness, but also could not reduce the peeling strength, which became a technical problem at that time because of the lack of relevant experience. In order to succeed in the test as soon as possible and complete the production task as soon as possible, the R & D department explores new additives day and night according to the structural characteristics of smooth surface and low roughness. however, a series of thorny appearance problems such as copper plating, dirty printing, roll printing, wrinkling and so on have appeared in production, which seriously affect the progress of research and development and production. As the backbone of the R & D team, Zhao Yingchao led the backbone members of the workshop to form a research team, ate and lived in the workshop, followed the shift for more than ten hours a day, and carried out repeated experiments for several months. With the joint efforts of the team, they found a breakthrough in the problem, solved all the problems smoothly, and successfully completed the trial production of the new product. In May this year, shipments of low roughness reverse electronic copper foil increased by 45.4% month-on-month, reaching an all-time high in a single month.

On this 50-meter production line, Zhao Yingchao used his words and deeds to influence more people to start a different "plastic surgery" career in the surface treatment section, and use their love and loyalty to the copper foil cause to drive more people to strive for a better tomorrow for the company.

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