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Western Mining Industry: relying on the advantages of Resources to promote Green Development
Sep 10,2020 15:01CST
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SMM Network News: the western mining industry at the turn of summer and autumn, the mines are green, the plants are green, and the salt lakes are green. Next door in the desert and on the top of the mountains, through green, you can see that the western mining group promotes ecological protection and high-quality economic development in a coordinated way, and strives to create a moving picture of a new realm of green development.

It is the firm choice of the western mining group to use "green" to pave the way for high-quality development and to be a pathfinder to climb the slope. As the only Fortune 500 enterprise in Qinghai Province, in recent years, it has conscientiously implemented the major requirements of "four solid", thoroughly implemented the "May 4th Strategy", strived to promote "one excellent and two high", and unswervingly promoted supply-side structural reform. actively transform traditional industries, actively develop emerging industries with characteristics, thoroughly implement the innovation-driven strategy, conscientiously do a good job in the work of "six stability", and accomplish the task of "six guarantees." Embarked on a road of green development.

Do a good job in transforming the article "green pattern" is gradually formed

If enterprises want to achieve green development, they must adhere to the new concept of development, constantly accelerate the supply-side structural reform, and adjust and optimize the industrial layout with a new "green" vision.

West Mining Group focuses on key industries, resolutely eliminates backward production capacity, makes positive contributions to pollution reduction and improvement of regional environmental quality, completely shuts down six production units with backward production capacity and seriously backward technology, decisively shuts down the Saishitang Copper Mine located in Sanjiangyuan Nature Reserve and properly completes the work of personnel placement and diversion. All the more than 1700 workers who closed the enterprises were laid off in new industries after systematic training, and not a single worker was laid off, thus adding to the burden on society.

Moreover, the West Mining Group makes every effort to promote the technical transformation project of the concentrator of Xitieshan Branch and the concentrator of the western copper industry, which is of great strategic significance to improve the equipment level of the concentrator, promote the recovery and utilization of mine resources, and improve the production capacity and efficiency of the mine. it is of great strategic significance to increase the production efficiency and profits of the enterprise and promote the company to become stronger, bigger and better.

At the same time, the company's construction projects always adhere to the principles of high standards and high starting points, improve design and construction standards, optimize project construction design plans, carry out in-depth safety assessment and environmental assessment, and intervene in project construction throughout the process. comprehensively consider the risk of project safety and environmental protection to ensure the stable development of the enterprise.

Increase investment in environmental protection, "green strength" continues to grow

Where the enterprise is, the green is there. Road hardening, mining area lighting, plant greening, environmental beautification. A series of greening and re-greening work has led to the continuous injection of ecological warmth into the units of the Western Mining Group.

Xitieshan Branch has become the first state-level pilot unit of green mines in Qinghai Province, and all units have launched the construction of green mines and garden factories in an all-round way. in recent years, the molecular companies of the West Mining Group have cumulatively planted more than 170000 tree saplings of all kinds, planted nearly 100000 flowers, and planted lawns of 430000 square meters. It is estimated that by the end of 2020, the green coverage rate of mine factories will reach 100% of the greening area. All the mines have reached the provincial green mine certification, and all subordinate enterprises have built garden-style factories.

At the same time, the West Mining Group continues to increase investment in environmental protection, focusing on the conversion of boiler coal to electricity in the living area of Tibet Yulong Copper Co., Ltd., tailing reservoir heightening project and ecological restoration project. Qinghai Chaka Salt Lake Culture and Tourism Development Co., Ltd. scenic spot wetland project and strict implementation of environmental protection "three simultaneous" system; Qinghai West magnesium Co., Ltd. Flue gas denitrification project; West Mining Co., Ltd. Xitieshan Branch mineral processing wastewater recovery and treatment project, boiler flue gas desulfurization and dust removal transformation project, domestic sewage upgrading project; Sichuan Xinyuan Mining Co., Ltd. Mineral processing wastewater reuse treatment project, filling mining project, boiler coal to electricity project; Sichuan Huidong Daliang Mining Company comprehensive treatment project of heavy metals, a series of measures to improve the company's pollution prevention and control level as a whole.

In addition, all mining units focus on the construction of green mines from the two aspects of environmental control and energy saving and emission reduction, eliminate traditional mining technologies, and all mining units realize filling mining to realize the reuse of waste rock discharged from the mine; implement tailings wastewater recovery projects and invest in the construction of underground wastewater storage and anti-seepage projects, which can be reused in production, greening, cleaning factories, etc. Mining enterprises have all cancelled the use of coal and coal-fired boilers, replaced by natural gas, the waste water has been recycled and treated, the unit production cost of the mine has continued to decline, and various business indicators have improved steadily. The 100000-ton zinc smelting of Zinc Industry Branch adopts the advanced oxygen pressure leaching zinc smelting process, which directly oxidizes sulfur to sulfur, which completely eliminates the environmental impact of sulphuric acid tail gas produced in the process of pyrometallurgical zinc smelting. Optimize the industrial structure and greatly improve the "green income"

In the face of severe market environment and challenges, Xikuang Group, based on itself and relying on the advantages of resources, strives to do well in something, make efforts out of nothing, actively change the mode of development, create new industrial clusters, and lead green development. In terms of industrial transformation and upgrading, we should focus on expanding and developing the salt lake development industry, tourism industry and green building industry with low resource consumption, good comprehensive benefits, and the most favorable conditions and advantages in the construction of ecological civilization. overall planning of economic, social and environmental benefits, relying on scientific and technological innovation, out of the "new way" of green development with the characteristics of West Mining Group.

Chaka Salt Lake, the salt mining base of Qinghai Salt Industry Co., Ltd., which is owned by West Mining Group, relies on its superior geographical location and unique resource endowment of Salt Lake, closely follows the pace of Qinghai to build a famous province of plateau tourism, turns around and takes the initiative to transform itself, exploring the new mode of "industry + tourism", and the transformation and upgrading of enterprises are on the "fast track".

At the beginning of the infrastructure construction of the scenic spot, the western mining industry integrated green development into the whole process of capital construction, invested a total of 700 million yuan to transform and upgrade the Chaka Salt Lake, focusing on key ecological protection projects such as salt lake wetlands and walkways.

The number of tourists received by the Chaka Salt Lake Scenic spot has grown from 500000 to more than 3 million, and the popularity of the scenic spot continues to rise. At the same time, with the help of high-quality lake salt in Chaka Salt Lake, Xikuang Group has developed more than 10 varieties of edible salt. at present, it has covered more than 1580 shopping malls and supermarkets in 18 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and has been exported to South Korea and the United States. Ecological lake salt "tea card salt" goes abroad.

In the process of reshaping and rebuilding the "Green Water and Green Mountains" of Chaka Scenic spot, the corridor leading to "Jinshan and Silver Mountain" has been built invisibly, and the rapid development of Chaka Salt Lake has become a vivid practice for West Mining Group to accelerate the development of a virtuous circle of ecological production.

The people of the West Coal Mine focused on the green building, responded positively to the national call for the development of green building, took leading the transformation and upgrading of Qinghai buildings as concrete actions, invested in the construction of the largest green building production base in Qinghai Province, and ushered in a new era of green buildings in Qinghai. It has become a new industry and new profit point of the western mining group.

At the same time, with the in-depth development and utilization of salt lake resources, breakthroughs have been made in the key technologies of extracting magnesium from salt lakes, and the output and quality of magnesium products in the western region have reached "the first of the five worlds". It provides another new way for the comprehensive development and utilization of brucite waste resources in Chaerhan Salt Lake, which has plagued Qinghai for many years. "magnesium damage" has become "magnesium treasure".

Through the optimization of industrial structure, Xikuang Group has realized the "multi-wing flying" of traditional enterprises and emerging industries, and achieved great economic benefits.

Adding the element of "intelligence" and "green contribution" is becoming more and more obvious.

Green has not only injected a strong driving force into the development of enterprises, but also set off a revolution of green intelligence, safety and efficiency.

In 2018, Xitieshan Branch, as the first pilot unit, launched the construction of intelligent mines in an all-round way. The underground drainage automatic control system detects the liquid level of the underground water pump and controls the start and stop of the drainage pump in the 2580 level control room; real-time dynamic perception adjusts the mine ventilation system to provide a sufficient amount of fresh air to the underground wind sites in the most economical way; the ore drawing machine of the circular car yard on the slope road can be controlled remotely and centrally, and one person can operate multiple levels and multiple ore drawing machines. The use of computer vision technology, real-time analysis of Bubble images, so as to obtain the characteristic data of Bubble in the flotation tank, provide reliable data, mine safety and risk aversion "six systems" and Dongkou access control system, to achieve human and vehicle supervision, environmental monitoring, communication, video surveillance and personnel positioning.

Today, in Xitieshan Branch, the achievements of the deep integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies can be seen everywhere, the level of production automation and intelligence has been greatly improved, and the working environment of front-line production has been further improved. the labor intensity of on-site operation and management personnel continues to reduce, and the mine gradually realizes safe, efficient and clean production.

The construction effect of "green mine" and "smart mine" has also strengthened the West Mining Group's determination to adhere to green development, and made it in the forefront in the comprehensive utilization of resources, energy saving and emission reduction, environmental protection and so on.

Protect the ecological environment like the eyes and treat the ecological environment like life. The construction of ecological civilization has become an important political task of West Mining Group. From non-ferrous metals to green buildings, from salt lake chemicals to eco-tourism, from finance and trade to scientific and technological information, the Western Mining Group leads the overall situation with "green" and is moving towards a greener, more efficient and more ecological road.

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