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Tesla Model Y was first made in November.
Sep 9,2020 16:01CST
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SMM News: it is reported that Tesla's development in China is incredible. Starting in January 2019, the company turned a piece of muddy land into an operating factory, responsible for the production of Model 3 cars, and the speed at which the plant was built could be described as "record". But Tesla is not satisfied, and the second phase of Shanghai Super Factory 3 is also making rapid progress.

There are media reports that the launch date of the, Model Y is likely to surprise the outside world again. After the completion of the second phase of the Shanghai plant, which began in February 2020, Tesla will immediately produce Model Y at the plant. At present, Tesla is carrying out "mechanical and electrical engineering" and "debugging" work, the former will be completed in October, the latter will be completed in November.

If all goes well, Tesla is likely to start trial production of the Model Y in the next few months, and then start formal production, and the new car is expected to be delivered to consumers in the first quarter of 2021. It was also reported that Tesla was recruiting in China for the trial production of Model Y. In July, Tesla launched a new round of recruitment, recruiting 1000 workers to help expand its capacity. Tesla's positions include production operator, quality inspector, logistics forklift worker and security guard.

Tesla's Chinese official website shows that two domestic Model Y models have been pre-sold. The pre-price of the long-lasting version of Model Y is 488000 yuan, while the pre-price of the high-performance version is 535000 yuan.

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