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Vale builds Brazil's largest energy storage battery project
Sep 8,2020 16:03CST
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SMM: Brazilian mining giant Vale is working with Siemens and MicroPower Comerc to build a 5MW/10MWh lithium-ion battery system at a large port facility in Rio de Janeiro.

According to reports, the system, which will be owned and operated by MicroPower Comerc, has the first batch of Tesla Megapacks deployed in Brazil. The construction of this energy storage system is planned to be used for industrial "peak cutting" to save costs for Vale.

The project will become the largest battery energy storage system in Brazil and is an important step for the Brazilian electricity market. Despite being a pioneer in clean energy, with wind and solar generation approaching 20GW, Brazil's energy storage market does not actually exist, mainly due to high import taxes and a lack of supportive policies.

The energy storage system will help recharge when demand is low and Discharge when demand is at its peak. The Vale (Vale) project is in line with the unprecedented growth in decarbonization and clean energy procurement by global mining companies.

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