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Relying on Scientific and technological Innovation to build the Core Competitiveness of rare Earth Industry
Sep 8,2020 13:58CST
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SMM News: recently, "Chuangxiang China" Baotou Station-China-UK Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation "Yunshang meeting" was held in Baotou National rare Earth High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Inner Mongolia.

Since 2019, according to the functional orientation of "cultivating the main engine of innovation in Hubao and Hubei and building an upgraded version of mass entrepreneurship and innovation", Inner Mongolia Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone has proposed to build the first "overseas innovation center" in Inner Mongolia Autonomous region. and signed a cooperation agreement with Beijing Gongxin Research and Development Technology transfer Co., Ltd. on the construction of Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone overseas Innovation Center.

Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone has successively organized the advanced manufacturing team of Oxford University, the German Industrial 4.0Project team and the Russian artificial Intelligence Project team to communicate and dock with the enterprise in Baotou, and held 7 technical docking meetings. more than 30 technical requirements and 50 docking technical achievements were released in Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone, which successfully promoted the implementation of the municipal heating pipe network intelligent management and control project with a total amount of 10 million yuan.

At the same time, Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone has set up the first fellowship of returned students to carry out exchanges and cooperation to promote entrepreneurship and innovation. Over the past five years, the region has provided more than 20 million yuan in financial support funds at all levels, such as the start-up support plan for Chinese students returning to China, for incubating overseas returnees, giving full play to the role of the "innovation matrix" of the independent innovation demonstration zone.

How to make technological innovation continue to have solid originality, and how to make "hard core" entrepreneurship more than just "blockbuster"? Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone is thoughtful and well done. In order to better serve the innovation needs of enterprises at different stages, the region has also built a full-chain science and technology service system. "Entrepreneurship team" technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises "high-tech enterprises" science and technology small giant (including cultivation) enterprises "excellent innovation enterprises", a long innovation support chain, docking the innovation needs of technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises at different growth stages.

Rely on scientific and technological innovation to build the core competitiveness of the rare earth industry. Rare earth as a functional material, scientific research institutions take the market demand as the orientation, and closely combine with the middle and high-end applications in the scientific research of rare earths, which can make great achievements. In recent years, Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone, Northern rare Earth and other enterprises have constantly innovated their mechanisms and systems in accordance with this principle, and gradually formed a scientific research team, engineering center, and precise research and development of new rare earth products, as well as a new one-stop mode of "research, production, marketing and use".

Baotou rare earth high-tech zone, northern rare earth and other enterprises have also taken new steps in giving full play to industry-university clusters, and have made a number of breakthroughs in each link. Taking the lower reaches of the rare earth industry chain as an example, rare earth catalytic products can meet the automobile national V emission standards and supply more than 90% of the national petrochemical catalysts; rare earth laser crystals and scintillation crystal materials have been widely used in the medical industry and so on.

It can be predicted that the period of the 14th five-year Plan (2021-2025) will be a key period for China's rare earth industry to strengthen technological research and development, achieve sustained and healthy development, and step into the middle and high end of the industry. Electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, high-speed railways, industrial robots and other industries will usher in rapid development, and will also greatly increase the use of rare earth high-end materials and products such as rare earth permanent magnet motors and power batteries.

Stones from other mountains can be used to attack jade. China's rare earth industry has always emphasized to establish a world vision, actively learn from the advanced technology of rare earths created by countries all over the world, and apply it according to the reality of our country. The practice of building an "overseas innovation center" in rare earth high-tech zones has proved that international scientific and technological cooperation is not only an important part of China's scientific and technological activities, but also the only way to absorb science and technology and find the high-end rare earth industry.

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Sponsored by SMM, Dongguan Magnetic Materials Industry Association, Ganzhou rare Earth Industry Association jointly sponsored the 2020 China rare Earth permanent Magnet Industry Market Application Development Forum will be held in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province on October 15-16, when industry experts, business leaders, industry elites, investment circles and other people will gather together to explore the development trend of the rare earth industry and explore potential business opportunities in the industry. SMM sincerely invites you to join us for innovation and resplendence!

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