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Output / Software Power Volkswagen: surpass Tesla in three years
Sep 7,2020 17:15CST
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SMM: according to reports, recently, Volkswagen Union President Bernd Osterloh said in an interview with German media that Volkswagen is expected to surpass Tesla in electric vehicle production and software development within three years.

Osterloh said that assuming that Tesla has a capacity of between 300000 and 500000 vehicles per plant, the total capacity of the three plants would be between 900000 and 1.5 million vehicles. Volkswagen hopes to achieve the same goal by 2023, perhaps even earlier. Osterloh gives three reasons for having the courage to publish such a conclusion.

First of all, Volkswagen's modular electric drive matrix platform (MEB) has great advantages. It can make any electric vehicle of any brand, including ID.. Series electric vehicles as well as SUV and sedan models such as Audi, Seattle, Skoda and Volkswagen commercial vehicles.

Second, the "Artemis" project engineering team led by Audi CEO Markus Duesmann will catch up with Tesla's technical advantages. The Artemis department was officially established on June 1, with the goal of launching a "highly automated" electric car, which could be available as soon as 2024.

Finally, Volkswagen's new "Car.SoftWare" division this year will integrate the software operations of all automakers. Volkswagen has previously announced that it will increase the proportion of home-made software used by the group from 10% to 60% over the next five years. The Car.SoftWare department is run by Volkswagen ID. By 2025, the department plans to employ more than 10000 people worldwide, half of them in Europe, about 1/3 in China, and the rest in the United States, Israel and India, led by project director Christian Senger.

Osterloh also said that Tesla's biggest advantage is the data provided by their on-board software. If Volkswagen can also put its own software system on every car, it will get more data than Tesla in a short period of time.

Editor's comments:

I do not know since when, Tesla has become a "branch bird" in the field of electric vehicles, almost all traditional car brands will compare and surpass it as the goal. Volkswagen takes production and software development as a measure this time, but in practice, brand power, appearance design and driving experience can not be ignored.

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