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Science and technology wears green clothes for the largest processing base of new rare earth materials in the country.
Sep 7,2020 10:50CST
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SMM: August 20, from the country's largest rare earth new materials processing base-Baotou rare earth new materials industry base (hereinafter referred to as "base") spread the good news, "Baotou Yinglite Surface Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" Yingli ") and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have completed docking, reached an agreement on vacuum coating technology, is about to build a high-end automatic coating plant." Inner Mongolia Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center Chairman Xuan Dundun excitedly told reporters.

It is understood that the base has been put into production since 2016, and if all is put into production, the annual output value is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan, with profits and taxes exceeding 2 billion yuan, which is of great significance to increasing the national market share of new rare earth materials.

Non-electroplating is not high-end.

Once upon a time, China's rare earth industry was considered to be a "soil" to sell "soil" industry, a large part of the reason is that rare earth products can not be electroplated. "the chemical properties of rare earth elements are relatively active, if there is no electroplating, do not add a layer of anti-corrosion film, 'extend the rare earth terminal industry chain' is empty talk." Zhou Yanchu, minister of asset management of the base, said.

It is understood that electroplating is the process of plating a thin layer of other metals or alloys on some metal surfaces by using the principle of electrolysis, which can improve wear resistance, electrical conductivity, reflectivity, corrosion resistance and beauty.

On the electroplating production line of Jinshan Magnetic material, a green board with 20 hooks attracted the attention of reporters. "this is the hanger we use for plating. According to the requirements of the terminal products, the hooks will be covered with rare earth parts of different shapes, such as round cakes or cylinders. The finished products after electroplating are mainly used in the wind power industry. At present, there are four such production lines with a production capacity of 4000 tons." Wang Zhiqiang, director of the electroplating branch of Baotou Jinshan Magnetic material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jinshan Magnetic material"), said.

According to Wang Zhiqiang, Jinshan Magnetic Materials entered the A1 factory building of the base in 2016. They lead the country in hanging plating technology. At present, according to the different requirements of customers, galvanized lines, tinned lines, nickel lines, electrophoresis lines and other production lines have been established, which can meet the relevant requirements of mobile phone accessories, motor chips and wind power products. in particular, it has successfully mastered the technology of re-electrophoresis on the non-ferrous metal matrix, and its influence in the industry is growing day by day.

At the base, in addition to technological innovation, technological breakthroughs can also be found everywhere.

"the electroplating process is roughly divided into three stages: pre-treatment, electroplating process and post-treatment. If each stage is not well controlled, it will affect the adhesion between the coating and the magnet." Xu Baowen, general manager of Yinglite, which is located in the A3 factory building of the base, said.

Before the start of electroplating, it is often necessary to chamfer the rare earth blank in order to smooth its edges and corners. "it is August, and the temperature is high and the humidity is high. If the chamfering is not good, it is easy to cause corrosion on the blank surface, especially if the chamfering solution is not clean, the corrosion is even more serious." Liu Jian, vice president of Yinglite Technology, said that in the past, the chamfering liquid was always reused, and the last batch of chamfered liquid would have an impact on the next batch of products. for this reason, they designed a set of chamfering liquid automatic filtration system, through a compressor, can ensure that every time the liquid flowing out of the water pipe is clean, this system can apply for a patent.

At present, the overall planning of the base covers an area of 371mu, with a total investment of about 1.2 billion yuan, a total construction area of about 231800 square meters, 23 standard electroplating production workshops and a construction area of about 85000 square meters. At present, there are 12 electroplating enterprises and 15 factories have been used.

Fully equipped with green

On the first floor of Jinshan Magnetic Materials Factory, the reporter saw 10 waste water cans, superscribed with the words "nickel", "copper" and "cadmium". "Electroplating is also a pollution industry, and the marks on the waste water cans are all waste water after electroplating. This kind of water is very difficult to deal with, and it needs to build a separate factory, install equipment, and invest more than 10 million yuan. " Wang Zhiqiang said.

The North Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Company has cooperated with the Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center of Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone and Inner Mongolia first Machine Group to jointly establish Inner Mongolia North Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Northern Energy Saving"). "as the compilation unit of the national electroplating pollutant discharge standards and treatment standards, we have domestic first-class electroplating wastewater treatment technology and engineering experience," said Wang Lei, director of the northern energy-saving workshop. The design scale of wastewater treatment is 2800 tons / day, the zero discharge part of chromium-containing wastewater is 2800 tons / day, and the design scale of pure water preparation is 1000 tons / day.

"the waste water discharged by the resident enterprises is uniformly discharged to the sewage treatment plant by special pipes and treated by energy-saving in the north. At present, the charge for the treatment of waste water is 45 yuan / ton, which has really brought real benefits to the enterprises." Zhou Yanchu said.

In the workshop of Baotou Huizhong Magnetic Valley Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huizhong"), the reporter saw hot and cold shock boxes, universal testing machines and other equipment, "before and after the trial production of the company's production line." timely for the enterprise electroplating solution, thickness, wet and hot test and other data to ensure the normal production of the enterprise. It is estimated that about $500000 will be invested in saving equipment and personnel for Huizhong each year. " Jin Zhenjun, head of the Business Management Section of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous region rare Earth products quality Supervision and Inspection Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as "the Research Institute"), said.

It is reported that in combination with the actual development of the industry and enterprises, the base has introduced a research institute to build a rare earth permanent magnet surface coating and electroplating solution testing laboratory to provide the base electroplating enterprises with technical services from raw and auxiliary materials, intermediate quality control, finished product testing, pollutant emission monitoring, as well as standards, technical literature search and download, standardization construction, etc. So that enterprises "do not leave home" can understand their own product quality and other related problems, further shorten the testing time and costs, play a fast, convenient and efficient goal, and improve the service level of the base.

"at present, we have applied and obtained the certification of CNAS and national CMA, which can provide an authoritative pass for the export of enterprises." Jin Zhenjun said.

"at present, the base has formed a good situation of leading enterprises driving, backbone enterprises gathering, and emerging enterprises booming. We should adopt unique advantages, mature production technology, perfect production and processing facilities, young and capable management team, always keep pace with the international leading level, promote the growth and growth of Baotou rare earth new materials, and move towards the middle and high end at a solid pace." Xuandundun still has a sense of mission.

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