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Huazhong Bo Aluminum: melting and casting Aluminum Bar Project put into production this month
Sep 7,2020 10:09CST
Source:Jingzhou Daily
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SMM News: learned from the Huazhong Bo Aluminum Industrial Park, the park's important core supporting project-the annual production of 100000 tons of molten aluminum bar project has been successfully ignited, which indicates that the overall trial production of the project has entered the countdown stage, but also laid a good foundation for the high-quality development of the whole Bo Aluminum Industrial Park.

At the site of the intensive processing project of fused and cast aluminum bars of titanium alloy invested by Nangui Group, the reporter saw that the main project has been completed, and workers are stepping up the installation and commissioning of the equipment, which is scheduled to be put into production in September.

The person in charge of the project told the reporter that the first phase of the project invested 80 million yuan in the first phase of the project, which is an important part of the industrial chain of the park. The project will provide large-scale industrial materials matching, head and tail material recycling processing and high-quality aluminum bars for the aluminum profile production enterprises in the park, completely remove the worries of raw materials for enterprises in the park, reduce production costs, and improve production efficiency.

According to Zhang Baojian, deputy general manager of Hubei Gong Titanium Alloy Technology Co., Ltd., according to the production capacity of 10, 000 tons of the park, the head and tail materials are 1500 to 2000 tons. After the completion of the melting and casting aluminum bar project, the problem of the whereabouts of the head and tail materials of the park can be solved. Only the transportation cost can save more than 200,000 yuan a month for the enterprises in the park, greatly reducing the production costs of the enterprises in the park.

Adhere to the green development is the consistent purpose of Huazhong Bo Aluminum Industrial Park, the project uses domestic dust removal equipment, the motor is 355kW, the air volume is 35000 cubic meters per hour, reaching the national environmental protection emission standard. In order to solve the problem of dust pollution in the process of aluminum bar melting and casting, the enterprise has also invested 12 million yuan to introduce 355kW cloth bag dust removal and environmental protection equipment.

It is understood that the intensive and deep processing project of fused cast aluminum bars with titanium alloy technology is the second largest key project invested by Nangui Group in Jianli. The project covers an area of 90 mu, with a total investment of 350 million yuan, and plans to build 10 finishing production lines for fused cast aluminum bars. After all the projects are completed and put into operation, the annual production capacity is nearly 100000 tons and the annual output value is nearly 2 billion yuan.

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