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Has Dice met with Musk Volkswagen in an alliance with Tesla?
Sep 7,2020 09:28CST
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SMM News: in early September, Tesla CEO Musk paid a three-day visit to Germany. During these 72 hours, Musk not only called on German government officials to "pave the way" for Tesla's super factory, but also called on Volkswagen Group CEO Dis. Driven by the two CEO, Tesla has reached a "covenant" with Volkswagen Group in the electrification field, Bloomberg reported.

It is reported that at the invitation of Deiss, Musk deeply experienced the two models of Volkswagen ID.3 and Volkswagen ID.4, and held talks with the former for two hours. After Musk returned to the United States at the end of the talks, a Volkswagen spokesman immediately confirmed the meeting, and Deiss himself praised Musk on social media, saying that the latter's construction of a super factory in Germany was promoting the transformation of the German auto industry.

After announcing the electrification transformation, Volkswagen Group has always regarded Tesla as its biggest competitor, and Audi even set up a "T Group (Mission T)" specifically aimed at Tesla. According to this logic, Tesla built the super factory in the "hometown" of Volkswagen Group, which should feel like a thorn and use all means to fight back. But Dice not only invited Musk to test-drive the unlisted Volkswagen ID.4, but also reached a "covenant" with the latter, a series of operations that left onlookers somewhat out of step.

In fact, despite the deep "opposing camp", Musk and Deiss have always had a good personal relationship. Musk has publicly said that under the leadership of Deiss, Volkswagen Group has done more in electrification transformation than other traditional car companies combined. And Deiss has repeatedly praised Musk in front of the media, saying that in the next five to 10 years, Tesla will overtake Apple and Amazon to become the world's largest company by market capitalization.

Editor's comments:

In recent years, Volkswagen Group has been competing with Tesla for the right to speak on cars in the future. To this end, the company does not hesitate to invest tens of billions of euros in the field of electrification, set up its own software department, develop its own operating system, and cooperate with Amazon, Microsoft and other enterprises to build car cloud services. Although the transformation is quite radical, Tesla stole the limelight of Volkswagen during this period, not only leading the world in electric car sales, but also surpassing Toyota to become the world's largest car company by market capitalization.

It is precisely because of Tesla's strength that the ambition of Volkswagen Group executives to "kill Tesla" may have gradually faded. After all, the global automobile market is very large, and there are many established car companies that are immersed in past glory and do not want to change. Seizing the market does not mean that we must compete with Tesla. In this situation, full cooperation may be the best solution. Some time ago, Tesla announced that he would open up software licensing. Perhaps the cooperation between this enterprise and Volkswagen Group will start with software.

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