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Tesla has won the championship for 15 months in a row and continues to seek a big chess game.
Sep 7,2020 09:24CST
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SMM News: "to produce sports cars, use the money earned to produce affordable cars; then use the earned money to produce cars with more affordable prices; while doing all of the above, it also provides zero-emission power generation options." Don't tell anyone. " This is a passage published by Elon Musk in "Tesla's Secret Grand Plan" (the first chapter) in 2006.

Fourteen years later, he has basically done it. The Model 3 sells for less than 300000 and is a bestseller all over the world. Since the Roadster in 2008, Tesla has sold 1.13 million pure electric vehicles in the world. In the first seven months of this year, Tesla dominated nearly 30% of the global pure electric vehicle market with 210000 global sales. However, this may be just the beginning.

Nearly 30% of the market share

From January to July this year, Tesla sold a total of 210000 electric vehicles worldwide, crushing a group of old, middle-aged and young brands, The Smiling、Proud Wanderer. Both Volkswagen, the traditional car mogul, and BYD, China's new energy vehicle, have sold only enough new energy vehicles around the world to match Tesla's 1x3 points.

In fact, Tesla has been the global leader in new energy vehicle sales for 15 months in a row. Starting in 2018, Tesla's sales began to challenge BYD and BAIC New Energy, met several times and stabilized his championship position in May last year, while BYD's crown has not returned since then.

In the first seven months of this year, 792000 pure electric vehicles and 380000 plug-in hybrid vehicles were sold worldwide, and Tesla himself accounted for 26.55 per cent of the pure electric vehicle market. Since breaking through the bottleneck of Model 3 production capacity in 2018, Tesla's share in the global pure electric market has become higher and higher. Tesla's share of the global pure electric vehicle market was only 13.2% in 2017 because of repeated ticket jumps in mass production of the Model 3, which was also what Tesla called a "dying year" in the media.

However, in 2018, madman Musk slept in a factory and built a tent production line, and the capacity bottleneck broke through in the second half of the year. Tesla came alive. Since then, Model 3 has become a sharp weapon for Tesla to wring sha in multinational markets around the world. in the first seven months of this year, Tesla sold a total of 210000 pure electric cars around the world, and nearly 30% of the market was eaten by his family.

Model 3 dominates many countries

Of course, it was Model 3 that made great contributions to Tesla. Tesla's opening and hanging also began because of Model 3, which is an "affordable car" built "with the money earned". Of the cars Tesla has sold so far, more than half of the Model 3 is close to 620000, a figure that took three and a half years to reach.

Global sales of Model 3 accounted for 77 per cent of its total sales in the first seven months of this year. Since February last year, Model 3 has been the top seller of new energy vehicles in the world for 18 months in a row, and each month's sales are by an order of magnitude different from those of the runner-up. For example, Renault ZOE, the runner-up in total sales in the first seven months, recorded only 46311 vehicles, while the Model 3 recorded 162034 vehicles, how many times?

Model 3 is strong in all major regional markets around the world. In China, it has sold nearly 60, 000 vehicles this year, more than twice as much as BYD Qin EV, a "veteran domestic product". In the United States, it is defending the first and second place with brother Model Y of the same name, and the Chevrolet Bolt (less than 10, 000) will rank third in sales. In Japan and South Korea, it has also surpassed Nissan Leaf, the ancestor of pure electric cars. In Europe, the gap between Renault ZOE and Renault ZOE is less than 13000. In fact, Renault ZOE did not win from March to June, only relying on 8547 to 600 in July to make a comeback.

The ever-accelerating Chinese market

China has overtaken the United States to become the largest single market for Model 3, thanks to its localization or price cuts for products with mixed reviews. The price of the iron lithium version spread online may be as high as 230000 yuan. This catfish, which lives in a super factory in Shanghai, is really powerful. In the first 7 months, the domestic insurance sales of domestic Model 3 was 57960, and one car accounted for 19% of the insurance sales of pure electric vehicles in the same period. Aion S (, in second place, sold less than half of its 20151 vehicles in the same period.

It is not just Model 3 that may make electric cars tremble around the world. Judging from the sales trend of its models, Model Y is rising better than Model 3 this year. Last year, Tesla installed the GA5 assembly line for Model Y at the Fremont factory, and in January this year, the Fremont plant began formal production of the Model Y, and the first model to be put into production at the Berlin plant has also been identified as the Model Y.

Of particular concern is that the car has been confirmed to be made in a super factory in Shanghai. In early May this year, Tesla launched the second phase of the expansion project of the Shanghai factory, which is mainly aimed at the production of Model Y. the construction of the project is expected to be completed by the end of this year, and Tesla will also start the localization of Model Y models early next year. At that time, the "made in China" Model Y will be offline from the Shanghai super factory.

The Model Y is a medium-sized SUV,WLTP with an estimated mileage of 505km. The long-lasting version's official website shows an expected price of 488000 yuan, and the high-performance version is priced at 535000 yuan. The competition is aimed at the ES6, and its Coupe version EC6 with a price range of 35.8-448000 yuan. At the EC6 press conference at the end of last year, Li Bin, CEO of Xilai Automobile, said bluntly: "in order to maintain some market flexibility," the price of EC6 will not be announced yet. after all, we have to wait for Model Y to release its domestic price.

However, Model Y and Model 3 are the same platform models, and the sharing rate of spare parts is as high as 75%. Because of the addition of Model Y, the whole cost is bound to be reduced. The final price of Tesla's previous "urine", Model Y may be lower than the price announced on the official website, and it is not impossible for Model 3 to continue to reduce its price at that time.

Musk is so confident about this model that he even said that the: Model Y will be Tesla's top-grossing model at this stage., Model Y's future sales level will be the same as that of all its other models combined.

To build more super factories

The Shanghai superfactory can now be called Tesla's "treasure factory", but this is obviously not enough for Musk, who has said he wants to build 10-12-seat vehicle manufacturing plants around the world. At present, two plants have been put into production: the Fremont car factory in California and the Shanghai car super factory, and two under construction: the Berlin car super factory in Germany and the Austin super factory in Austin, Texas. Musk also revealed in an interview with the US media that a third local vehicle factory may be built in the northeastern United States.

With the growth of Tesla sales in other parts of the world, the capacity problem will gradually become prominent. if the third vehicle factory in the United States can be determined in the future, then Tesla will have three vehicle factories in the western, central and eastern parts of the United States at the same time. In addition to meeting local sales in the United States, he will also be able to export products to other parts of the world faster through western and eastern ports. At that time, Tesla's sales in the global region may soar like a SpaceX rocket.

The planned capacity of the newly built superfactory in Austin has not been disclosed, but the plant covers an area of more than 2000 acres (about 8.09 million square meters), which is three times the size of Tesla's Berlin car superfactory.

This is not enough. some time ago, Tesla's conjecture that he might build another super factory in Chongqing was reported by various media, and the authenticity of course remains to be tested. But Musk does have plans to build another super factory in Asia, but we know very little about the location.

On Sept. 3, Musk went to the Berlin factory under construction in Germany and met two people, Peter Altmeier, Germany's economy minister, and Herbert Dis, CEO of Volkswagen, an official who promised to help Tesla's Berlin plant become operational as soon as possible "in any necessary way", while the elephant-level traditional car company, led by the latter, has been so slow in electrification. In august, Tesla's sales in Germany soared another 454% from a year earlier and won 18% of the country's market share. Volkswagen may really be in a hurry.

Editor's comments:

Despite the controversy, praise and slander have never stopped, but now it is an indisputable fact that Tesla's sales are gone; although some voices are indignant-- Model 3, what is it, poor workmanship, reduced distribution, and the price changes as soon as you sleep. But this still can't stop everyone from buying. Why is Tesla so fragrant?

Building rockets, digging tunnels, hammering pickups, testing brain-computer interfaces. Elon Musk is really "good at playing". If you look at the popularity of media coverage, it's easy to make people think that building and selling cars is just his sideline. Perhaps it is these "lack of due diligence" that make Musk's people lively and chic. He is arrogant, cunning, magnanimous and persistent; his eyes are clear and sharp, and the sentence "Of Course I Still Love You" written on the SpaceX rocket recycling platform is wayward and warm. Musk's extraordinary imagination and more extraordinary action force give Tesla a unique brand connotation. Maybe Musk's ambition is not in "a few edamame beans", but in the stars and sea, in the mysterious brain waves. Genius or madman, Tesla, it just wins.

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