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100% reuse Tesla online battery recycling business
Sep 5,2020 19:09CST
The content below was translated by Tencent automatically for reference.

SMM: a few days ago, we learned from the official that Tesla launched a battery recycling service in China, claiming that it can recover "any batteries that no longer meet customer needs", and these lithium-ion batteries will be recycled at 100%. If customers want to use the service, they can contact Tesla customer service center.



At present, Tesla does not promote the battery recycling service with great fanfare, but only introduces the battery recycling in the question and answer interface of the official website. Tesla said in the introduction that the reason for launching the battery recycling service is for environmental and commercial considerations, and service centers around the world can recycle batteries.


Tesla officials said that "every effort will be made to extend the service life" of the recycled battery, and when the battery's service life expires, valuable materials inside the battery can be extracted for reuse instead of landfill disposal. For more information about Tesla, please stay tuned for the follow-up report of Auto House.


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