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Anhui issues Action Plan for accelerating the Application of 5G scenarios (2020-2022)
Sep 4,2020 11:22CST
Source:Department of Industry and Information Technology of Anhui Province
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SMM: in order to thoroughly implement the "supporting policies for 5G Development" and "Anhui 5G Development Plan outline (2019-2022)", accelerate the application of 5G scenarios in our province, and promote the comprehensive and coordinated development of 5G, the provincial special coordination group for accelerating 5G development recently issued the Action Plan for accelerating the Application of 5G scenarios (2020-2022).

Speed up the promotion of 5G scenario application action plan


I. work objectives

Speed up the promotion of 5G scene application in the whole province with industry demonstration application, and promote the all-round development of 5G. More than 50 5G scenarios will be built in 2020, more than 100 in 2021, and more than 200 in 2022. By 2022, more than 20 replicable 5G demonstration applications will be built in key areas such as industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing, transportation, education, medical care, culture and tourism, modern agriculture, electric power, ultra-high-definition video, smart cities, etc.; basically completed the province's 5G scene application demonstration and promotion system, and initially realized the batch application of 5G technology in key industries.

II. Work tasks

1. Implement the "5G + Industrial Internet" project.

Speed up the leading application of "5G + Industrial Internet" in the vertical field, and jointly promote the integrated application of 5G and Internet of things, edge computing, artificial intelligence and other information technology in industrial enterprises, with emphasis on industrial vision inspection, industrial AR/VR, wireless automatic control, cloud robot, logistics tracking, remote manipulation, equipment positioning data acquisition and other applications. In the key industries in the province to create a number of "5G + industrial Internet" internal network construction and transformation of benchmarking network, model projects, forming a number of typical industrial application scenarios. Cultivate a number of "5G + Industrial Internet" solution providers, promote the connection between industrial enterprises and solution providers, speed up the implementation of the transformation of internal and external networks of enterprises, promote the extension of 5G network deployment applications from the periphery of production to the internal links of production, build a "5G + Industrial Internet" park network, and cultivate a number of 5G application "network efficiency stars" enterprises. (responsible unit: provincial Department of economy and Information)

2. Implement the demonstration project of "5G + Intelligent Manufacturing".

Based on the realistic demand and key direction of the development of automobile, electronic information, household appliances, equipment manufacturing, metallurgy, petrochemical, building materials and medicine in our province to intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing and high-end manufacturing, promote the innovative application of 5G in the field of intelligent manufacturing. Create a batch of typical application cases of 5G and artificial intelligence in intelligent manufacturing, and include 5G applications in the construction of "digital workshop", "intelligent factory" and so on. (responsible unit: provincial Department of economy and Information)

3. Speed up the development of "5G + smart home appliances".

We will accelerate the integration of 5G technology with the home appliance industry, and develop and popularize home audio and video entertainment products, home security products, and family health products based on 5G technology. We will develop smart large and small household appliances, promote cooperation between basic telecommunications enterprises, information service providers and household appliance enterprises, form new technologies, new products, new business type and new models of smart household appliances, and enhance the added value of the home appliance industry. (responsible unit: provincial Department of economy and Information)

4. Promote the coordinated development of "5G + Intelligent Network connected vehicle".

We will implement the technological innovation project of the intelligent network-connected automobile industry on a rolling basis, promote the collaborative research and development of vehicle networking technology and self-driving, and promote the application of 5G technology on the new vehicle computing platform. In Anqing Zhimeng New area, Hefei Tangxi River Park and other places to build the integration of 5G network vehicle communication solution (5G-V2X) scene test demonstration base, used to test self-driving in different scenarios. We will actively carry out the pilot construction of vehicle networking proving grounds and intelligent highways, promote the coordinated development of intelligent network-connected vehicles and intelligent management platforms based on 5G, create a human-vehicle-road coordination system, and create a demonstration zone for urban self-driving and intelligent travel based on 5G. (provincial Department of economy and Information Technology, Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Public Security Department, Provincial Department of Communications and relevant municipal people's governments are responsible according to the division of duties)

5. Implement the "5G + Power Internet of things Construction" project.

Anhui Electric Power is encouraged to work together with relevant enterprises to promote the construction of 5G + power Internet of things, and actively carry out research and demonstration of 5G innovative applications such as intelligent distributed distribution automation, precise load control, distribution network PMU, distributed energy control, power consumption information collection, mobile operation, integrated video surveillance, substation inspection robots, and so on, so as to accelerate the industrialization and commercial use of 5G in the power Internet of things. (responsible unit: Anhui Electric Power Company of State Grid, Provincial Energy Bureau)

6. Speed up the application of ultra-high definition video.

Anhui Radio and Television will actively support Anhui Radio and Television to promote the construction of "5G+4K+AI" UHD video, build a UHD video production and broadcasting system, and strive to open 4K UHD channels at an early date, so as to build a new ecology of intelligent radio, television and media business with new UHD video services, new scenes and new applications. Encourage radio and television enterprises and basic telecommunications enterprises to jointly create a 5G integrated media platform to enrich the content of 4K/8K ultra-high definition programs. Expand the application of 5G+4K/8K UHD video in the fields of culture, education and entertainment, smart tourism, smart community, security surveillance, medical and health, industrial manufacturing, etc., and extend the value chain of UHD video industry. (provincial Radio, Film and Television Bureau, Provincial Department of economy and Information, Provincial Radio and Television Station, Provincial Radio and Television Group, etc., are responsible according to the division of duties.)

7. Promote the construction of "5G + urban governance".

We will speed up the collaborative construction of 5G and the Internet of things ubiquitous infrastructure, application service platform, and data sharing service platform, promote the evolution and upgrading of smart city applications, and improve the operational efficiency and service level of the city. Focusing on key areas such as accurate urban governance, services for the people and ecological livability, we will build scene applications such as "5G +" smart government services, intelligent transportation, smart urban management, smart lighting, smart security, smart energy, smart environmental protection, smart finance, smart communities, intelligent cultural venues, and emergency management. (each member unit of the people's government of each city and county and the office of the provincial special coordination group for accelerating 5G development shall be responsible according to the division of duties.)

8. Speed up the development of "5G + intelligent logistics".

Express delivery enterprises, logistics platform enterprises, software enterprises, technology and equipment enterprises, transportation enterprises, warehousing enterprises and other enterprises are encouraged to jointly carry out innovative applications based on 5G logistics warehousing, logistics tracking, unmanned distribution and so on. Support logistics bases and warehousing bases to carry out the application of "5G Internet of things + Cloud / Edge Computing", establish intelligent logistics information service platform, allocation and allocation system, warehouse management system, terminal distribution system, and enhance the ability of intelligent logistics management. 5G integrated artificial intelligence, Internet of things, autopilot, robot and other technologies are used to build an intelligent logistics park with high intelligence, self-decision and integration. (the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of Transportation and the Provincial Postal Administration are responsible for the division of duties.)

9. Promote the innovative application of "5G + Medical and Health".

We will carry out the construction of a 5G intelligent medical system and speed up the pilot construction of 5G-based intelligent medical care in the province. First-tier hospitals in the province have taken the lead in carrying out applications such as telemedicine monitoring, mobile pre-hospital first aid, high-definition remote surgery demonstration, remote image reading, remote consultation, remote ultrasound, remote robot surgery, etc., to promote the sinking of high-quality medical resources and improve the level of sharing of medical resources. Explore and build a 5G first aid cooperative command platform, and use 5G network, 4K panoramic lens, vehicle UAV and other equipment to create a "super ambulance". To achieve real-time audio and video transmission of real-time treatment, vital signs, medical records, vehicle location, road conditions and other information in the vehicle, as well as the rapid transfer of first aid drugs, blood and samples, to create a "5G remote green first aid channel". (responsible unit: provincial Health Commission)

10. Develop "5G + wisdom education".

Promote 5G network into campus, integrate 5G, UHD video, VR/AR and other technologies to achieve long-distance collaborative teaching and online resource sharing, and optimize the balanced allocation of educational resources between schools and regions. We will implement the demonstration project of "5G + Wisdom Education", take the lead in the application and demonstration of "5G + Wisdom Education" in schools with suitable conditions, integrate the immersive and interactive remote advantages of cloud VR/AR and holographic projection technologies, and explore and carry out pilot projects of wisdom education such as "5G + holographic interactive teaching" and "5G + virtual simulation classroom / laboratory". (responsible unit: provincial Department of Education)

11. Carry out the application of "5G + intelligent pension".

We will promote the innovative application of 5G technology in smart old-age care, and speed up the transformation of the service mode from traditional old-age care to smart old-age care. Popularize convenient information collection terminals such as intelligent medical monitoring, vital sign detection, fall alarm and remote location, so as to realize dynamic monitoring of the health and safety of the elderly. Encourage the promotion of intelligent terminal products such as health monitoring, rehabilitation physiotherapy, safety protection, service robots, etc. We will promote the application of remote diagnosis and treatment and remote care guidance, and explore the establishment of a remote home care service model. (responsible unit: provincial Department of economy and Information, Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, Provincial Health and Health Commission)

12. Promote the development of "5G + Wisdom Travel".

Around the theme of culture and tourism, we will encourage the demonstration and application of "5G+VR/AR" in cultural creativity, cultural performances, display of intangible and cultural relics, tourism marketing, culture and tourism experience. We will implement the demonstration project of "5G + Smart Tourism" in Huangshan Scenic spot, and carry out 5G related applications such as VR scenic spot map, VR guided tour, virtual tour, scene reproduction, pedestrian flow early warning, intelligent parking, face recognition, UAV HD shooting, etc., and promote them in 5A scenic spots in the province. (the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and the people's Government of Huangshan City are responsible for the division of duties.)

13. Carry out the pilot application of "5G + Commercial Retail".

Encourage the coordinated development of 5G and commercial retail, accelerate the promotion of online and offline integration and the application of innovative retail models such as live streaming and short video, and promote traditional sales and service upgrading. Encourage the application of 5G technology in commercial districts to carry out digital transformation, comprehensively improve the intelligent level of district management services, and actively create smart neighborhoods. (responsible unit: provincial Department of Commerce)

14. Promote the construction of "5G + intelligent justice".

Create a "5G + Wisdom Court" system that integrates wisdom judgment system, wisdom service system, wisdom management system, wisdom remote system, wisdom think tank system and wisdom prevention and control system. We will explore and carry out pilot projects in 5G intelligent prison, 5G accurate correction, 5G remote visit, "5G+AR" legal publicity, "5G+VR" anti-drug education hall, 5G intelligent detoxification, 5G scientific detoxification, and so on. (responsible unit: provincial Department of Justice, Provincial higher people's Court, etc.)

15. Develop "5G + intelligent agriculture".

In the fields of grain cultivation, livestock and poultry breeding, aquaculture, facility horticulture, etc., we will encourage the pilot application of 5G, and explore the demonstration application of agricultural monitoring based on 5G around the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests, the detection of soil composition, and the detection of temperature and humidity. we will promote the acceleration of the formation of 5G intelligent plans for agricultural production and give full play to the demonstration effect of point-based and area-based agricultural production. (responsible unit: provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural areas)

16. Develop "5G + intelligent water conservancy".

Promote the in-depth application of 5G technology in the water conservancy industry, establish a multi-level, active perception, intelligent defense water conservancy network security protection system, apply new technologies such as the Internet of things, UAV and remote sensing, speed up the upgrading and transformation of water conservancy information monitoring, monitoring and monitoring infrastructure, enhance the ability of water conservancy information collection, analysis and processing and intelligent application, and use "5G + intelligent water conservancy" to drive the modernization of water conservancy in the province. (responsible unit: provincial Water Resources Department)

17. Develop "5G + Wisdom Meteorology".

Driven by 5G technology, develop technologies such as rapid perception, intelligent cooperation and weather recognition by video images, build a 5G detection demonstration application network, set up small and micro Internet of things weather stations and new detection radars to achieve real-time and accurate monitoring of meteorological disasters; use 5G short message technology to carry out full-media form and wide coverage and dissemination of meteorological early warning and forecast information, and play the role of the first line of defense for disaster prevention and reduction. (unit of responsibility: provincial Meteorological Bureau)

18. Promote the construction of 5G application demonstration park and 5G industrial park.

We will promote development zones at and above the provincial level to speed up 5G network coverage, encourage enterprises in the park to carry out pilot demonstrations of 5G applications, and form a number of 5G application demonstration parks to be popularized throughout the province. Conditional districts and cities can combine the characteristics of the local electronic information industry, introduce relevant enterprises and teams of the 5G industrial chain, speed up the construction of the 5G industrial park, and form a 5G industrial agglomeration area with different characteristics and strong radiation driving force. (responsible unit: provincial Department of economy and Information Technology, Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Provincial Department of Commerce, people's governments of cities and counties)

19. Build 5G application ecosystem.

Guide the establishment of 5G Development Alliance, organize the construction of 5G industrial consortium, gather application demand, R & D, integration, capital and other parties, and smooth the key links of 5G application promotion. Organize and carry out the collection of 5G application cases, highlight the implementation of applications, and cultivate 5G application innovation enterprises. Take innovation center, joint R & D base, incubation platform and demonstration park as carriers to promote the integrated application and innovation of 5G in various industries and fields. (responsible unit: all member units of the Office of the Provincial Special Coordination Group for accelerating 5G Development)

III. Job requirements

(1) strengthen organizational leadership. All localities and departments should establish and improve the system of organization and leadership, and take speeding up the development of 5G as a key task in the light of new infrastructure construction. The local competent departments in charge of economic, credit, housing, transportation, electric power, medical treatment, and education will strengthen coordination and cooperation with the basic telecommunications enterprises, radio and television enterprises and iron tower companies in the province, and work together to promote the construction and application of 5G.

(2) strengthen the implementation of responsibilities. The people's governments of all cities should conscientiously implement the outline of the 5G Development Plan of Anhui Province (2019-2022) and the provincial government's "several policies to support the development of 5G", and further intensify their work, speed up the preparation of 5G station site planning and promote the 5G development work plan, formulate supporting policies to ensure that various policies are implemented. All basic telecommunications enterprises should play the main role, do a good job in 5G research and development, testing, construction, application, safety and other work, and make every effort to promote the construction and development of 5G.

(3) strengthen industry demonstration. All localities and departments should, combined with the reality of local departments, encourage and guide various industries to carry out 5G application pilot projects, form application demonstration cases and promote them in industries or regions, so as to promote the vigorous development of 5G scenario applications. Take innovation center, experience center, joint R & D base, incubation platform, demonstration park and so on as carriers to promote the integrated application innovation of 5G in various industries and fields.

(4) strengthen summary and evaluation. All localities and departments should regularly sort out their experiences and practices, promptly find problems and deficiencies, constantly adjust and optimize work measures, and promptly report the relevant information to the provincial special coordination group for accelerating 5G development. The office of the provincial special coordination group for speeding up the development of 5G will establish a daily dispatching system and notification system, organize an assessment of the development of 5G construction, and release the relevant progress in a timely manner.

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