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The cumulative promotion of BYD's pure electric commercial vehicles has shocked the launch of more than 70,000 new commercial vehicles.
Jul 29,2020 11:38CST
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SMM News: up to now, BYD has promoted and applied more than 70, 000 pure electric commercial vehicles around the world, and bus electrification has spread to six continents, more than 50 countries and regions, more than 300 cities, is the first Chinese car brand to enter Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed markets.

On July 28, "Innovation leads the Future-2020 BYD Commercial vehicle launch ceremony" was solemnly held in Shenzhen. With a luxurious lineup of new shapes and technologies, Yaoshi debut and grand launch, BYD commercial vehicles scale new heights, set a new benchmark in the industry, continue to lead the development of new energy commercial vehicle technology and market, and open a new era of new energy commercial vehicles.

BYD Group Vice President and Commercial vehicle Group CEO Wang Jie and other relevant leaders of BYD, as well as representatives of the industry and society, attended the event and witnessed this historic moment.

Firmly strengthen the electrification strategy and lead the new trend of commercial vehicle development in the future.

Today's world is facing a great change that has not happened in a century, and the automobile industry is also facing great changes that have not occurred in a century, which is driving the global automobile electrification process into the "fast lane". A forum on entrepreneurs was held in Beijing on July 21, at which relevant state leaders stressed: "Enterprises should have the courage to innovate, be explorers, organizers and leaders of innovation and development, and strive to build enterprises into a strong innovation subject." BYD is at the forefront of the new energy automobile industry, taking the revitalization of the national automobile industry as its own responsibility, shouldering a major social responsibility and historical mission.

As a staunch promoter of the industry, BYD commercial vehicles are playing a more and more important role in China and even the global automobile industry. Up to now, it has promoted and applied more than 70,000 pure electric commercial vehicles around the world, and bus electrification has spread to six continents, more than 50 countries and regions, and more than 300 cities. It is the first Chinese car brand to enter Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed markets.

Over the past decade, BYD commercial vehicles have been leading the transformation of the new energy vehicle industry, accumulating rich operational and market experience. Now standing at the starting point of the second "decade", BYD commercial vehicles are committed to innovative beliefs and brand-new product matrix. a "brand-new solution" that uses innovative design and leading technology to bring a break to the market and the industry. Wang Jie, vice president of BYD Group and CEO of commercial vehicle business group, said in a speech at the ceremony: "BYD commercial vehicles are firmly committed to the electric strategy. Holding a new product conference is an important measure to comply with the current international development situation and respond to the national policy call, but also ushered in a new era of BYD commercial vehicle development.

International innovative design subverts the tradition and creates a new trend of urban green travel.

Innovation is to have greater courage to gallop the battlefield. The new BYD commercial vehicle brings together global ideas, born out of need and responding to the situation, leading the development of Chinese commercial vehicles to subvert tradition and keep pace with the times. The new commercial vehicle products in 2020, led by Wolfgang Iger, global design director of BYD, bring together the cutting-edge thinking of more than 200 design elites, collect the overall wisdom of the international team, and polish them day and night for more than 1000 days. easy to draft, "beyond the limit", the perfect integration of modeling, technology and experience, and finally show a strong and colorful brushstroke, redefine commercial vehicle products.

Inspired by "Dapeng spreading wings", BYD's new bus will be integrated into the city, scientific and technological experience, health and safety. It is the first product in the industry to apply the lighting experience effect of passenger cars to city buses. It has its own scenery in the booming modern city. At the same time, supplemented by the appearance and internal space full of the sense of the future, we strive to change the public's traditional impression of buses, let the dynamic floating mobile space reflect the personality and charm of a city, and convey the idea of ecological civilization of "harmonious symbiosis between man and nature".

The new pure electric light truck is based on the concept of "future service, electric technology, new experience", with a more gentlemanly, cleaner and lighter model design to show environmental friendliness. With a high degree of integration of Chinese traditional elements and European vehicle safety standards, it has the exclusive "identity" of urban electric trucks, providing customers with more superior quality service and car-sharing experience, highlighting the pursuit of the integration of humanistic care and fashion technology.

Green technology continues to take the lead in the world, and then set a new benchmark for winning the quality of the industry.

After more than ten years of ploughing and accumulation, BYD commercial vehicles have never forgotten the original intention and mission of "using technological innovation to satisfy people's yearning for a better life". The appearance of the new product matrix, while shaping the image, pay more attention to quality shaping, fully demonstrate the strong product power and R & D power of BYD commercial vehicles.

The new BYD commercial vehicle has realized a comprehensive innovation from the inside out. Under the premise of the new electric commercial vehicle platform with "26111" as the core technology, it has realized the high integration and high standardization of the production and manufacture of new energy commercial vehicles. And continue to apply more innovative technologies to commercial vehicles, making the new BYD commercial vehicles safer, more economical and more intelligent.

The new commercial vehicle is equipped with a newly upgraded core "three electricity" system, which is waterproof up to IP69, and equipped with ultra-safe lithium iron phosphate battery, with higher energy density and volume density, and successfully passed various stringent tests such as acupuncture, so that users can feel more at ease when using the car. At the same time, from 9 aspects, 4 levels, 3 categories, build an omni-directional electric vehicle system safety system, fully ensure the safety of the whole vehicle, and once again establish a new safety benchmark for the commercial vehicle industry. In addition, while ensuring vehicle performance and safety, BYD's new commercial vehicles also greatly improve the economy and maintenance convenience of vehicles through streamlined design, lightweight body, and maintenance program optimization, making it more economical and easier for customers to use and maintain cars.

Deeply rooted in customer demand and aiming at a larger market for new energy commercial vehicles

Since 2020, there have been frequent reports of BYD commercial vehicles: once again putting pure electric buses into first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, working with Hino to focus on the research and development of pure electric commercial vehicles, exploring the urban and rural bus transport and then throwing Yangling demonstration zone, the first appearance in Madrid, Spain, and then won the Swedish order, the largest pure electric bus order in the history of the United States. One step at a time, BYD uses practical actions to promote the steady development of new energy commercial vehicles.

Ten years of journey, dare to be the first. BYD commercial vehicles have accumulated a wealth of product research and development, market operation, charging station construction and operation and maintenance management and other comprehensive experience. Nowadays, pure electric buses have ushered in a new stage of development, and pure electric trucks and special-purpose vehicles are becoming more and more popular in more application scenarios. BYD commercial vehicles close to the market, with a new generation of products solemnly unveiled, comprehensively enhance the comprehensive strength, with higher quality, more attention, provide new energy commercial vehicles overall solutions, including production, research and development, sales, financing, after-sales service, to meet the diversified needs of customers.

Under the support of BYD's strong brand power, BYD commercial vehicles adopt a multi-dimensional brand building approach. In 2020, we will further consolidate the existing market, open up the incremental market, adopt flexible and various sales methods, actively expand the market layout, and cultivate customer demand, so as to be in the vanguard, take the lead and contribute to the sustainable development of new energy commercial vehicles.

Appearance, focus on eyes; strength, and then lead the way. Big waves sweep the sand, and the strong are always strong. With a more mature attitude and action, BYD commercial vehicles will live up to the times and mission, and the electric strategy will not waver; do not forget the initial ideals and aspirations, move forward with "new", and establish a new benchmark for products, technology and services, lay a solid foundation for the next golden "decade" of BYD's new energy vehicle development, and continue to lead the reform of the global new energy commercial vehicle industry.

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