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The development of rare earth industry should focus on the industrial chain layout and innovation chain.
Jul 28,2020 08:19CST
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SMM News: recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology approved the establishment of the National rare Earth functional Materials Innovation Center by Guo Ruike Chuang rare Earth functional Materials Co., Ltd. The innovation center is jointly organized by the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Inner Mongolia Autonomous region and the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Jiangxi Province to jointly set up key rare earth enterprises in the north and south and colleges and universities. the construction plan has been demonstrated and approved by experts.

It is reported that this innovation center will focus on the fields of rare earth magnetism, luminescence, catalysis, alloy and other functional materials and the recovery and utilization of rare earth secondary resources, focusing on the integrated technology of design, processing, and manufacturing of high-end rare earth functional materials, the key technology of batch preparation of new rare earth materials, and the development and application technology of cutting-edge rare earth new materials. To create a new innovation platform that integrates research and development of key common technologies, pilot incubation, testing and verification, and transfer and transformation of results.

Objectively speaking, although China's rare earth industry has become an important industry from small to large and the industrial chain is becoming more and more perfect, the main products are still mainly in the middle and low end, and lack of innovation in the field of high-end application. Moreover, the scale of rare earth enterprises is generally small, the overall automation technology of technology, technology and equipment is weak, and the standardized and standardized operation process of product production also needs to be strengthened. there is a big gap in quality stability and consistency compared with similar foreign enterprises.

In order to solve this problem, we must concentrate on the advantages of industry-university-research, lay out the innovation chain around the industrial chain, and promote the innovation ability of rare earth industry. At present, the key to the development of China's rare earth industry is the extension of the industrial chain, focusing on how to do well the functional materials and their high-end applications, and improve the product quality. Therefore, it is a pioneering work for the innovation and development of the rare earth industry to concentrate the advantages of industry-university-research and set up an innovation alliance.

Rare earth is not only an important strategic resource, but also a non-renewable resource. it is necessary to take the rare earth industry as a national important weapon and strategic industry, and speed up the research and development of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights. we will transform the advantages of resources into the advantages of scientific and technological innovation, industrial transformation and upgrading, and economic and social development.

In the next ten years, China will make breakthroughs and development in ten key areas, while rare earth materials will play an important and irreplaceable role in the new generation of information technology, high-end CNC machine tools, robots, aerospace, marine engineering and other fields. The development goal of China's rare earth industry is to enter the development stage of high-end applications and high value-added products by 2020, giving full play to the strategic value of rare earth application functions.

The layout of the innovation chain around the rare earth industry chain is intended to promote the innovation chain with efficient service industry chain, realize the rapid transfer and transformation of innovation achievements and promote the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure. Innovation is a systematic project. Innovation chain, industrial chain, capital chain and policy chain are intertwined and supported each other. It is not enough for reform to be carried out in one link or several links. It must be fully deployed and unswervingly promoted.

At the same time, the layout of the industrial chain around the innovation chain, emphasizing the leading role of science and technology, is intended to promote the close combination of science and technology and economy. After all, science and technology not only shoulder the important task of discovering and pursuing truth, but also actively provide high-quality science and technology supply to the industrial field, and transform the value of science and technology into real economic value.

The rare earth industry is a sunrise industry, and every step forward needs to be supported by technological breakthroughs. At present, government departments, enterprises, and scientific research institutes have mobilized the forces of industry-university-research one after another to make breakthroughs in the basic research of rare earths and the research and application of key technologies as soon as possible, so as to promote the establishment of a convergent development trend among the main bodies of industry-university-research-use. we will promote the deep integration of industrial chain, innovation chain and capital chain, improve the service system for the development of rare earth industry, effectively promote the industrialization of scientific research achievements, and support the high-quality development of domestic rare earth industry.

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