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Tesla's German factory will produce batteries.
Jul 27,2020 13:13CST
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SMM: it is reported that Tesla is currently building a new factory in Glenn Hyde, on the outskirts of the German capital Berlin. It is reported that the factory will also produce batteries in the future, but it is not clear when the work will start.

J ö rg Steinbach, minister of economy in Brandenburg, Germany, confirmed the news: "Tesla has begun to plan to produce electric cells in a German factory." The company has informed us of the plan. " In addition, Tesla CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk) also revealed when announcing the company's latest quarterly results: "in order to meet the needs of the German factory, the company will produce batteries locally." Currently, the plant is carrying out foundation construction and is expected to start production as early as July 2021, with an initial focus on the production of Model Y models.

Up to now, some of Tesla's batteries are self-produced and some are purchased from outside. In the American market, Tesla cooperates with Panasonic to produce batteries. In Shanghai's Super Factory 3, the cells used by the company are mainly from LG Chemistry and some from Panasonic. From this month, Ningde Times will also supply the new lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cell to Tesla Shanghai factory.

For a long time, however, there have been rumors that Tesla is planning to produce his own batteries, especially after the acquisition of Maxwell. These rumors were supported by the latest rumors in February, when Tesla hoped to set up a production line at the Fremont plant to trial-produce batteries. In his just released second-quarter results, Mr Musk said Tesla's Roadrunner battery project would be located at the Fremont plant. Mr Musk said the key to the project was to increase capacity and achieve more local production. At the beginning of this year, Tesla also acquired a company called Hibar, which specializes in manufacturing equipment for the production of electric cells. Tesla is scheduled to hold the Battery Day (Battery Day) event on September 15, when the company will officially announce the official news.

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