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To change the electricity? Weilai will set up Battery Asset Company
Jul 27,2020 11:00CST
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SMM Network News: recently, another major news broke out in Weilai that it plans to set up a battery asset management company, which aims to promote the separation of automobile and battery business, and vigorously promote BaaS battery service (Battery as a Service).

The battery asset management company, which will receive investment from an energy fund, will be set up as soon as August and is still seeking more financing, according to sources. It is also revealed that the Ningde era has made clear the investment intention. At present, neither the Weilai era nor the Ningde era has disclosed more information.

It is reported that Weilai Battery Asset Company has been preparing for several months, with the aim of selling cars and batteries separately and achieving the separation of ownership. At present, Weilai users have access to a variety of charging solutions, including home charging piles, 3-minute high-speed power exchange, mobile charging cars, public overcharging piles and so on. Among them, the power exchange service is different from other new energy vehicle companies, and it is likely to become the next flashpoint in the electric vehicle market. A total of 139 power stations have been built in Weilai, and the speed of construction in the future will reach one new one a week.

On July 23, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Xin Guobin said at a press conference on the development of the industrial communications industry in the first half of the year that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, together with relevant departments, will continue to vigorously promote the construction of recharging infrastructure. The separation of vehicle and electricity in the power exchange mode can greatly reduce the cost of purchasing cars and increase the convenience for consumers to travel. At the same time, battery operators focus on monitoring, maintenance and management of the battery, which is helpful to prolong the life of the power battery and improve the safety of the battery.

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