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Tesla wants to bring delivery to a record high in the third quarter
Jul 21,2020 15:42CST
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SMM: according to reports, people familiar with the matter revealed that Tesla does not want the global pandemic to interfere with its progress again, and the company hopes to set a new record for delivery this quarter.

In the second quarter of this year, Tesla, like other automakers, was severely affected by the epidemic, shutting down its plant in Fremont, Calif., for more than a month. Many Tesla retail stores were also forced to close after the US government issued a restraining order to limit the spread of the epidemic. Moreover, the epidemic has also had an impact on the economy, causing many consumers to reconsider their car purchase decisions.

But compared with other car companies, Tesla's performance is relatively robust. Compared with the same period last year, Tesla's delivery volume fell by only 5% in the second quarter, while other car companies generally fell by more than 30%.

Into the third quarter, although the epidemic still has an impact on a number of markets around the world, Tesla hopes to hit an all-time high in delivery this quarter. Foreign media reported that Tesla has informed employees that the company's goal this quarter is to set a new delivery record. Tesla's last record sales were in the fourth quarter of 2019, when the company delivered 112000 vehicles.

Tesla's Shanghai plant has seen a significant increase in production since the fourth quarter of 2019, which has greatly helped Tesla meet its production targets. In addition, production of Model Y is also increasing at its Fremont plant, which will operate normally for most of the third quarter of this year, but the plant is likely to be temporarily shut down for upgrading later this month.

On the demand side, Tesla has taken a number of measures to stimulate car demand this quarter. In May, the Tesla Model 3 cut its price, which currently starts at $38000 in the United States. In addition, Tesla recently reduced the price of the basic Model Y and launched a Model Y rental service over the weekend, both of which are expected to stimulate consumer demand for Model Y.

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