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[summit] steady explosive growth in the promotion of stainless steel pipes is just around the corner.
Jul 20,2020 17:17CST
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SMM7 20: July 20 at the 2020 China Ni-Cr stainless Steel Industry Market and Application Development Forum held in SMM, Hou Liang, sales Minister of Tianjin Youfa stainless Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. gave a speech on the steady progress of stainless steel pipe promotion and explosive growth is just around the corner.

Advantages of stainless steel pipe compared with traditional water pipe

Service life: field corrosion test data determine that the service life of stainless steel pipe is as long as 100 years, and the maintenance cost is lower.

Strength: the strength of stainless steel pipe is 3 times as high as that of copper pipe, and that of PP-R pipe is 8 to 10 times that of copper pipe, which can withstand the impact of high speed water flow of 30 meters per second. The thermal conductivity of stainless steel pipe is low, which is 1 beat 4 of carbon pipe and 25 times of copper pipe, with better heat preservation effect and more energy saving. The inner wall is smooth and not easy to scale, does not produce bacteria, does not rust, and is more healthy and environmentally friendly, and because the inner wall resistance is small, it is the 2max 5 of carbon steel pipe, which greatly reduces the power consumption of the pump room and saves electric energy; at the same time, the leakage rate is low and the water-saving effect is good.

Recovery rate: the 100% recovery rate of stainless steel is incomparable with other materials, no environmental pollution and sustainable development.

Appearance: stainless steel appearance is beautiful, clean and fashionable, giving users full confidence. Stainless steel pipe water helps to improve the quality of urban buildings.

Price difference: a, the comparison between stainless steel and PPR, less than DN100 caliber, the rice price of stainless steel is about 2 times that of PPR, considering the 100-year service life of stainless steel and 50 years of PPR, the cost seems to be the same, but with the cost of secondary disassembly and installation, the cost of stainless steel is lower. DN100 caliber or above, according to incomplete research, the price of PPR per meter is higher than that of stainless steel pipe. B, stainless steel pipe compared with carbon steel lined plastic composite pipe, the cost per meter of most specifications is only 1 RMB2 higher. It is said that the high price of stainless steel pipe is due to the misunderstanding that most of the carbon steel pipe in the industry is measured by ton price, and does not take into account the factor of more saving in stainless steel per unit material.

Connection mode: the connection installation is simple and reliable, with a variety of connection modes and a variety of pipe fittings, advanced mechanical pressure blockage technology makes each connection have several millimeters of expansion leeway, which can eliminate the hidden danger of other screw tooth connection and welding, glue pipe can be used between-40 °and-120 °due to thermal expansion and cold shrinkage, and the temperature difference reaches 160 °, which makes it more adaptable to the environment.

Explosive growth of demand for stainless steel pipes in the future

The popularity of stainless steel pipes abroad:

The proportion of stainless steel pipes used in Tokyo, Japan is as high as 95%. Stainless steel pipe has been used in Japan for 40 years. Now stainless steel pipe has been recognized as the "best drinking water container material" by the Japanese.

Since 1980, Germany began to use a large number of stainless steel materials in the tap water system to save water resources. Because stainless steel has the most stable and reliable performance, clean and hygienic, it can fully meet the requirements of at least 50 years of life for drinking water pipes in Germany.

The use of stainless steel pipes in the United States began in the 1960s and prevailed in the 1990s. Stainless steel has been successfully applied in more than 100 drinking water treatment plants and transportation systems.

Copper pipes were used in Britain in the past, but the soft water quality in Scotland led to corrosion and failure of copper pipes, resulting in serious leakage. The government spent a lot of money on the causes of failure and solutions, and then all the hot and cold water pipes were replaced with stainless steel pipes and joints.

The Singapore Water Authority will spend S $7 billion over 20 years to replace its water supply pipe with stainless steel pipe, with the aim of significantly improving water quality, improving system operation reliability and greatly reducing operating costs. At the same time, thousands of tons of stainless steel will be used to replace and transform the existing sewage treatment system on a large scale.

Explosive growth of demand for stainless steel pipes in the future

At present, stainless steel pipes account for only 1% of China's water supply system, and it is estimated that within the next decade, 70% of drinking water pipes will become stainless steel pipes. Stainless steel pipe has become the first choice in the fields of water supply and drainage, fire fighting, gas and so on. With the popularization of stainless steel in residential pipe, the demand for stainless steel pipe will show explosive growth in the future. The amount of stainless steel replaced in stainless steel pipes in the next decade or so is 14.448 million tons.

Future trend

The rise of third-and fourth-tier cities: for the popularization and application of stainless steel pipes, the first-and second-tier cities are the main ones in the early stage. Most of them are concentrated in provincial capitals, municipalities directly under the Central Government and coastal cities. It can not be ignored that with the improvement of people's requirements for healthy drinking water, it will rapidly infiltrate and popularize in third-and fourth-tier cities. In particular, some third-and fourth-tier cities due to pipe pollution may take the lead in using stainless steel water supply pipes, which may be a positive signal, of course, once it becomes popular, the speed is far beyond imagination!

The support policy of the government: the market of stainless steel water supply pipes has been affected by the policy has become increasingly prominent. Many parts of the country have issued regulations on the use of stainless steel water supply pipes for local secondary water supply pipes, and some places have more stringent requirements for water supply pipe standards. This will play a good role in promoting the popularization and application of stainless steel tubes.

Word-of-mouth effect: the quality of the market depends on the existing trading volume on the one hand, the potential stock in part on the other, and, of course, on part of the word-of-mouth. The market is good, the natural enterprise develops smoothly. Someone paying for your product not only has excellent product quality and advantages, but also depends to a large extent on word-of-mouth effect. Therefore, for enterprises, no matter from their own product technology or from the external market services should establish a correct, solid concept of development and good reputation.

Important appearance: with the continuous maturity of water supply pipeline installation technology and the upgrading of market competition, more and more users of stainless steel pipeline scheme pay more attention to quality, technology and appearance at the same time. Its bright and smooth appearance caters to the needs of modern people in pursuit of high-taste life.

The ratio of performance to price may be a decisive factor: the reason why stainless steel water supply pipe has quickly become the first choice of water supply pipe is mainly due to its comprehensive performance-to-price ratio. Stainless steel water supply pipe has many properties and characteristics, such as excellent material, safety and sanitation, long service life, maintenance-free and pull-out strength, and so on. Once used in water and home installation pipes, it will greatly save costs and maintenance costs in the long run.

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