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The five-way ball hoisting on the top of blast furnace system in the smelting project of Zhongjin Nickel Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.
Jul 20,2020 13:56CST
Source:Gold touch stone into gold in Liuzhou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.
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17:30 on July 18, the five-way ball on the top of the blast furnace system of the Nickel-Iron smelting Project of China Gold Corporation was successfully hoisted into place, indicating that the blast furnace entered the stage of finishing the installation of the furnace top structure.

It is understood that the placement of the blast furnace five-way ball is the key node of the blast furnace installation, with a weight of about 40 tons and an installation height of 88 meters. It is an important connecting part of the blast furnace crude gas dedusting, which plays a balanced role in absorbing the thermal expansion of the blast furnace shell and reducing the gas downcomer force. at the same time, a gas release valve is arranged at the highest point of the five-way ball to achieve the purpose of controlling the furnace top pressure and discharging gas during air rest.

The positioning and installation of blast furnace five-way ball belongs to the difficult technology in the field of blast furnace construction, which effectively solves the problem that the rising pipe of blast furnace has only the starting point but not the end point, plays the role of connecting link between the preceding and the next, and ensures the overall installation quality of the crude gas system.

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Engineering target

In the course of construction, CICC and the construction unit have overcome the difficulties in design drawings, personnel, management, and the epidemic situation of new crown pneumonia, and on the premise of ensuring safety and quality, in accordance with the established time node, inverted construction period, wallchart operations, scramble for time to compete for progress, and ensure that the main construction of the project is completed by the end of August and ignition conditions are available by the end of September.

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