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Linfen: start CO comprehensive management of iron and steel industry
Jul 17,2020 08:59CST
Source:Linfen environmental protection
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SMM Network News: in recent years, with the continuous deepening of the prevention and control of air pollution in our city, the ambient air quality continues to improve, but the annual average concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) is still at the bottom, which has become an important factor affecting ambient air quality. The iron and steel industry is one of the main sources of carbon monoxide emissions in our city. To carry out comprehensive control of carbon monoxide in the iron and steel industry and effectively control carbon monoxide emissions is very important to continuously improve the atmospheric environmental quality of our city. To this end, the Municipal Bureau of Ecological Environment is advanced in the country, referring to the experience of Tangshan and Handan in Hebei Province, inviting technical units such as the Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute to participate in the joint research, extensively solicit the opinions of enterprises, and formulated and issued the "Linfen Iron and Steel Industry CO Comprehensive Management implementation Plan (trial)" to start the CO governance of the iron and steel industry.

The scope of governance includes:

The whole mayor process iron and steel enterprises, casting pig iron enterprises, casting enterprises including blast furnace and sintering process, ferroalloy enterprises including blast furnace and sintering process.

The content of governance and control mainly includes three parts:

(1) to build carbon monoxide recovery and treatment facilities such as uniform pressure release gas recovery and transformation of blast furnace top, purification and collection of blast furnace air release gas, reverse blowing gas recovery transformation of steel rolling reheating furnace, etc.

(2) install carbon monoxide on-line monitoring system and carbon monoxide environment monitoring air station in the chimney of sintering machine, soot outlet of steel rolling reheating furnace and primary discharge outlet of converter;

(3) the enterprise has the ability of self-test, formulate the operation rules, establish the management account, bring the carbon monoxide control into the daily assessment, and construct the carbon monoxide emission control system.

The governance is divided into three stages:

The first stage is the preparatory stage, from July 15 to July 31. The eco-environmental sub-bureaus are required to organize the iron and steel industry in the area under their jurisdiction to carry out self-test, to conduct a full-process investigation on carbon monoxide emission sources, production links, emission characteristics and emission intensity, and to establish a list of carbon monoxide emission sources. formulate the enterprise carbon monoxide "one plant, one policy" treatment implementation plan.

The second stage is the comprehensive governance stage, from August 1 to October 31. Select Jinnan Iron and Steel Group as a pilot, first try, take the lead to start carbon monoxide control work, create a model for the whole city, and hold an on-the-spot meeting after successful governance to promote experience. The city's iron and steel enterprises have a clear governance task, a clear deadline for completion, a comprehensive start of governance, and complete the governance task by the end of October.

The third stage is the effect evaluation stage, from November 1 to December 31. On the basis of self-acceptance of iron and steel enterprises, city and county ecological and environmental departments invite experts in the field of industry and environmental protection to set up an evaluation group to evaluate the effectiveness of iron and steel enterprises that have completed governance to ensure the effectiveness of governance.

The Municipal Bureau of Ecological Environment will also organize measures such as technical training, on-site assistance by experts, and holding on-the-spot meetings to promote, and incorporate relevant governance requirements into differential management and control measures in autumn and winter, forcing iron and steel enterprises to implement comprehensive emission reduction, constantly improve the accuracy of control and control, enhance the level of pollution prevention and control equipment and management, and solve the problem of CO pollution at source.

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