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[public Secret] it is said that people who make metal will come here every day!
Jul 13,2020 13:13CST
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Recently, the major metal zones of SMM have been newly revamped and launched, and then our area has a name that can easily be printed into mind.

-"look at it for everyone"!

From now on, online registration of SMM "everyone watching" members can enjoy free access to the content of the special area for one month except the historical price.

The information of the special area covers the subdivided quotations and first-hand data in all areas of the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, provides the latest market research information every day, timely reports on major industry events and market changes, and makes in-depth analysis.

Whether it is physical enterprises, traders, investors, or major research departments:

Making metal must be seen by everyone!

Although "everyone watching" is not as sexy as a "little secretary", we take a real route. After reading these contents, I believe you will come again every day! It is better to hear than to see, come and have a look at it!

The following is the newly released special area to watch as soon as possible!

"SMM copper area" SMM aluminum area

"SMM lead Zone" SMM Zinc Zone

"SMM Tin area" SMM Nickel area

"SMM stainless steel zone" SMM steel zone

"SMM Cobalt Lithium Zone" SMM rare Earth Zone

"SMM Manganese Zone" SMM Silicon Zone

"SMM antimony zone" SMM tungsten zone

"SMM indium gallium germanium zone" SMM bismuth selenium tellurium zone

"SMM small metal zone" SMM magnesium zone

"SMM Precious Metal area" SMM scrap Metal area

Get 30-day free privileges: click on the required area page above, and then click on an article and a pop-up prompt will appear.

Scan the code to consult or apply to join the SMM industry exchange group.

For everyone
SMM metal zone
copper price
aluminum price
lead price

For queries, please contact Frank LIU at liuxiaolei@smm.cn

For more information on how to access our research reports, please email service.en@smm.cn

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