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Guoxuan Hi-Tech order / Technology / Capital "braving the Wind and waves"
Jul 8,2020 16:47CST
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SMM News: 2020 is considered to be a key year for the development of the power battery industry. Under the influence of the setback of new energy vehicle sales and the new crown epidemic, many power battery industry chain enterprises have encountered difficulties, while the grim situation is also aggravating the reshuffle of the industry. As a technology leader in the battery industry, Guoxuan Hi-Tech has made great achievements in orders, technology and capital since the beginning of this year.

01.358 bus battery orders to install 105MWh

A few days ago, Tangshan Guoxuan, a subsidiary of Guoxuan Hi-Tech, began to deliver bulk orders for 208 sets of power batteries for Tangshan electric bus in early July. At the same time, the company's Tangshan Electric bus Zhongtong bus 150 sets of orders have also begun to deliver. In mid-July, all 358 sets of orders will be delivered, with a total installed capacity of 105MWH, all of which are lithium iron phosphate batteries produced by Tangshan Guoxuan.

It is reported that Yutong bus won the bid for the Tangshan electric bus project in May this year. As the main supplier of power supply for Yutong electric bus, Tangshan Guoxuan has undertaken the production and delivery of all 208 battery packs. At present, the order has been completed for 95 sets. Tangshan Guoxuan said that the order for Yutong bus will be completed and delivered around July 10. In addition to the order for Yutong bus, in May this year, Guoxuan Hi-Tech also won an order for 150 bus batteries for Tangshan bus Zhongtong bus, which will be delivered by the middle of July.

It is worth noting that Guoxuan Hi-Tech previously announced that it had signed a "Cooperation Framework Agreement" with the people's Government of Tangshan to jointly build the Guoxuan Hi-Tech (Tangshan) "5G" new energy industry base project. The total investment of the project is expected to be 5.5 billion yuan, and the project will build a new power lithium battery capacity of 7GWh.After completion, the project will form a total production capacity of 10GWh. the investment and construction period of the project is about two years, and is expected to be fully completed in the third quarter of 2021. And officially put into production in the fourth quarter of that year.

It is understood that as early as more than a decade ago, Guoxuan Hi-Tech participated in the national "ten cities and thousands of vehicles" electric bus pilot work. In 2008, Hefei became one of the pilot cities of "Ten cities and Thousand vehicles". In December 2009, 30 Ankai pure electric buses equipped with Guoxuan high-tech batteries were officially offline. In January 2010, the 18-way pure electric bus line in Hefei was officially put into operation, becoming the first commercial pure electric bus line in the world.

In the twinkling of an eye, more than ten years have passed. With the rapid development of electric buses, the road of electric buses of Guoxuan Hi-Tech has become wider and wider. Today, buses equipped with Guoxuan high-tech batteries have been fully operated in Beijing, Shanghai, Anhui, Hebei, Hunan, Hainan and other provinces and regions, and exported to Europe, North America and other places.

02. The increase of technical capital leads to the rise of shipments.

Data show that new energy buses account for about 70% of the installed market for lithium iron phosphate batteries in recent years. At present, the energy density of lithium iron phosphate battery in the market is generally from 160Wh/kg to 180 Whhand kg, while the energy density of lithium iron phosphate battery in Guoxuan Hi-Tech has been raised to 190Wh/kg in 2019.

Guoxuan Hi-Tech said that the single energy density of the company's lithium iron phosphate battery has exceeded 200Whhand kg. At the same time, by improving the structural design of the battery package and the group process, the product of the energy density 160Wh/kg of the lithium iron phosphate battery system has begun to be industrialized. Guoxuan Hi-Tech also revealed that the company is seeking to increase the energy density of lithium iron phosphate batteries at the module level, which is expected to make its system energy density to a new level and continue to expand its scope of application.

In fact, with the continuous breakthrough of energy density and the advantage of superimposed cost, the application of lithium iron phosphate in the field of passenger vehicles is becoming more and more outstanding in recent years. It is understood that Guoxuan Hi-Tech supporting a number of passenger models with a system energy density of more than 140Whhand kg, BAIC EC3, Changan Auchan, Keshan, Wuling MINI and other passenger models are equipped with Guoxuan Hi-Tech lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Guoxuan Hi-Tech announced on the evening of July 1st that its subsidiary Hefei Guoxuan and Guangxi Liuzhou Dongcheng Investment and Development Group Co., Ltd. will jointly set up Liuzhou Guoxuan to lay out the annual 10GWh power battery production base project. It is understood that Wuling Motor, a cooperative car company of Guoxuan Hi-Tech in Liuzhou City, has ordered more than 20, 000 units of pure electric vehicles for more than 10 days of pre-sale under its Hongguang MINI, which at the same time has driven the battery shipments of Guoxuan Hi-Tech.

It is reported that Hongguang MINI pure electric vehicle power cell suppliers mainly come from Guoxuan Hi-Tech and other battery manufacturers. Among them, the charge of the 170km version is 14.4kWh. the battery of the 120km version is 9.2kWh. all the cells are 52Ah cells. "We began to supply in May, reaching 180000 in June and 300000 in July. The change in the data verifies the degree of heat. " Guoxuan high-tech relevant person in charge said.

It is worth noting that on May 28th, Volkswagen Group and Guoxuan Tech held a cooperation signing ceremony in Beijing. Volkswagen invested about 1.1 billion euros to acquire a 26.47% stake in Guoxuan Tech and became its major shareholder. Guoxuan Tech will become a certified supplier of Volkswagen Group in the future and have the opportunity to supply battery products to Volkswagen's pure electric vehicles in the Chinese market.

Industry analysis pointed out that Guoxuan Tech will continue to maintain the competitive advantage of lithium iron phosphate while generating ternary batteries. Volkswagen will help Guoxuan Tech reorganize its production system and strengthen its R & D strength. Follow-up will benefit from the increase in mass procurement, battery shipments will return to a high growth stage.

In fact, in addition to lithium iron phosphate, Guoxuan Hi-Tech has a good technical strength in the field of ternary batteries. The energy density of the ternary VDA cell reaches 230 HV / kg, and the soft package ternary cell with the energy density of 302Wh/kg has been developed.

According to the statistics of the Power Battery Application Branch, the installed capacity of the power battery realized by Guoxuan Hi-Tech in 2019 is about 3.31GWH, second only to the Ningde era and BYD, ranking third in the domestic power battery installation, and successfully among the domestic power battery head manufacturers.

It is understood that at present, Guoxuan Hi-Tech has many battery production bases in Qingdao, Hefei, Tangshan, Nanjing and so on. Guoxuan Hi-Tech has an existing lithium iron phosphate battery capacity of 17GWhh and a ternary production capacity of 5GWh.It is also scheduled to invest in the 16GWh battery capacity construction project (expected to be completed in 2023).

In the future, the production capacity of Guoxuan Hi-Tech battery may be expanded accordingly according to the growth of market orders.

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