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BYD's sales of new energy vehicles fell by nearly 60% in the first half of the year, and DM4.0 is expected to usher in a new era.
Jul 8,2020 08:29CST
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SMM: on the evening of July 7th, BYD released its sales report for June 2020. Data show that BYD sold 33725 cars in June, compared with 38735 in the same period last year, down 12.93% from a year earlier and up 5.98% from a month earlier. So far, BYD sold 158638 new cars from January to June 2020, down 30.45% from a year earlier.

Specifically, sales of new energy vehicles in May were 14165, down 46.69% from a year earlier, of which new energy passenger vehicles fell 49.46% from a year earlier, an increase of 23.23% month-on-month. A total of 57449 new energy passenger vehicles were sold from January to June, down 59.19% from a year earlier. Senior analysts at the Global Research Institute believe that this is mainly due to the fact that BYD will be launched in July, and most new energy car owners are waiting for new cars to be launched, so it suppresses the release of purchasing power of existing models. On the other hand, the major car companies have intensified the layout of the new energy market, the number of new energy vehicle models is increasing, a number of new cars are centrally listed, consumers have a large choice, but also scattered demand.

In terms of fuel vehicles, BYD sold 19560 new cars in June, up 60.8 per cent from a year earlier and down 4.57 per cent from a month earlier. BYD sold 97951 vehicles in the first half of this year, up 18.85 per cent from a year earlier. Among them, Song Pro, which went public in the second half of last year, played a vital role in driving sales.

Biadihan, who has been repeatedly mentioned, has finally decided on the final launch date, that is, July 12. As BYD's first high-end pure electric car, BYD Han is not only the first mass-produced model with blade battery, but also BYD's first model with Huawei 5G technology. BYD Han, which has its own topic and flow, may become a sales "dark horse" in BYD's new energy camp.

In addition to the all-electric version, BYD released the new DM 4.0 hybrid system in June and divided it into a DM-p with a focus on power performance (a strong version) and an energy-saving performance version of DM-i (an economical version). Among them, DM-p is based on the upgraded version of DM3.0, following the platform architecture of three-engine, four-wheel drive or dual-engine four-wheel drive, focusing on improving the integration of BSG motor and engine, and its thermal efficiency is expected to reach 40%. Its first Han DM model equipped with DM 4.0 system is now available for pre-sale. The DM-i economy platform, which pursues high efficiency and energy saving, is expected to further improve the fuel consumption performance in the feed state through the upgrading of engine thermal efficiency, power coupling and control strategy.

According to public data, BYD's first-generation DM system was officially released in 2008, and it has been more than a decade since BYD launched the world's first mass-produced plug-in hybrid model, the BYD F3 DM, in the same year. The DM 2.0 system was born in 2013, and its representative model, the BYD Qin DM, has rapidly entered the mainstream market with its acceleration performance far exceeding that of its fuel-fueled vehicles, as well as high subsidies and license concessions. Then DM 3.0 was launched together with BYD Tang DM in 2018, once again making use of its superior power performance and fuel consumption performance to become one of the few independent brand models with a price of more than 200000 yuan, and according to the data of BYD, BYD plug-in hybrid models sold more than 70, 000 vehicles in 2019, with a market share of nearly 35%.

Therefore, we have reason to believe that with the launch of DM 4.0 system and BYD DM, BYD plug-in hybrid model sales may meet a new round of outbreak. But at the same time, senior analysts at Gaishi Research Institute further pointed out that in today's competitive and strong new energy market, BYD is far from relying on a single model to "dominate the world". How to stabilize and upgrade its new energy products to return to the previous growth level is the top priority.

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