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New car sales in Germany plunged 40% in June this year may be the lowest since 1989
Jul 3,2020 16:28CST
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SMM: it is reported that Germany, Europe's largest auto market, sold 220000 new cars in June, down 40% from June 2019 to the lowest level in 30 years.

The German auto industry has been hit hard by the abandonment of the electrification of internal combustion engines and the emissions scandal, which has been exacerbated by the outbreak of the new crown virus and the economic blow caused by the blockade for months.

Reinhard Zirpel, head of the International Association of Automobile Manufacturers (International Carmakers' Association), predicts that the number of new car registrations for the whole of 2020 will fall 20 per cent from last year to 2.8 million. The last time car sales were so low was in 1989, the year when Germany and Germany were reunified at the end of the cold war.

But Zirpel said it was just an optimistic forecast: "the cumulative decline in sales by the end of June was 35 per cent. There must be a very strong recovery in the second half of the year to recover to 20 per cent by the end of the year. "

However, demand for electric vehicles has risen, and sales of electric vehicles are expected to rise 90 per cent to 90,000 units in the first half of this year. Nearly half of them are pure electric vehicles.

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