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[SMM spot Information] stainless steel futures contracts pull up the spot performance relatively stable
Jul 3,2020 13:00CST
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SMM7, March 3:

[stainless Steel Daily Review of Wuxi area on July 03] Today, some traders of stainless steel 304 cold rolling in Wuxi area adjusted slightly, and the overall range was still reported at 13300 Mel 13600 yuan / ton, while hot rolling quotation was stable at 12850 Mel 12950 yuan / ton.

According to traders, the cold rolling transaction is OK this week, there is not much cold rolling supply in the market, and the hot rolling performance is slightly weaker. Today, Castle Peak 304 cold and hot rolling announced the new price, which is the same as the previous price. The supply of hot rolled plates is 12800 yuan / ton in July and 12500 yuan / ton in narrow band in August. The price of cold rolling is 13100 yuan / ton for four feet and 13300 yuan / ton for five feet.

The futures contract of the previous period has been changed to the SS2009 contract, and the stainless steel contract continued to rise from last night to early morning trading, and the current price difference narrowed to within 100 yuan / ton. Today, SHFE 10: 30 SS2009 contract price of 13405 yuan / ton, Wuxi stainless steel spot water 65 won 365 yuan / ton. (spot trimming = rough edge + 170 yuan / ton)


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