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Tangshan’s air pollution control draft plan in June

iconMay 29, 2020 15:05
A draft plan of air quality control in Tangshan in June was announced. Steelmakers that are graded as A and B on their environmental status will continue to be exempted from production restrictions in June

SHANGHAI, May 29 (SMM) – A draft plan for air quality cotrol in Tangshan was released on Friday May 29, which indicates that steelmakers that are graded A and B on their environmental status will continue to be exempted from production restrictions in June.


The curbs on grade C steel mills will vary. Ganglu, Jinxi’s eastern and western plants, Wenfeng, Tanggang Medium & Heavy Plate, Delong are required to cut capacity of their sintering and pelletising machines and blast furnaces by at least 20%, while the cut is expanded to at least 30% for Donghai, Jiujiang Wire, Xinda, Yanshan, Rongxin, Songting and Zhayi, and to at least 50% for Chunxing, Tanggang Stainless, Donghai Special, Guoyi, Jinma, Donghua, Kaiheng, Ruifeng and Jing’an, according to the draft plan which has yet to be approved by the city’s environmental authorities.


Tanggang is allowed to run its 360 m2 sintering machine in its southern plant at 50% of capacity, while two sintering machines and a 3,200 m3 blast furnace in its northern plant are also allowed to maintain operation. The steelmaker is ordered to halt the rest of its blast furnaces and sintering machines.


Tangyin is required to suspend all blast furnaces and sintering machines but 180 m2 sintering machine, 550 m2 and 1,080 m2 blast furnaces.


Tianzhu, Xinbaotai, Huaxi, Rongcheng and Jianlong, meanwhile, are required to curb capacity of their sintering machines.


For re-rollers, excluding cold-rolling mills, those who are graded as “bad” in the Technical Guide for Differentiated Management and Control Measures in Some Industries in Tangshan are required to suspend production if they are located in Lubei, Gaoxin, Kaiping, Guye, Fengrun, Fengnan and Luanzhou; otherwise, such re-rollers shall reduce production by at least 50%.


Production restrictions will also be imposed on coke plants, brick-tile kilns, lime kilns, foundries, grinderies and cement plants in Tangshan in June.

Production curbs

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