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ZTE 5GWh lithium power project settled in Jiangsu Yizheng * Evergrande 15 billion invested in new energy vehicle electric drive system settled in Huzhou
May 25,2020 10:09CST
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[ZTE Paineng 5GWh lithium power project settled in Yizheng, Jiangsu] on the afternoon of May 20, the signing ceremony of the lithium ion battery and system production base project was held in Yizheng City. The lithium-ion battery and system production base project is invested and built by Jiangsu Zhongxing Paineng Battery Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in lithium-ion battery and system research and development, production, sales and technical consulting services. The project has a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan and is divided into three phases. The project as a whole is expected to be completed and put into production by the end of 2022. After the completion of the project, it can achieve annual production capacity of 5GWH and sales of 5 billion yuan.

[Huzhou concentrated construction of major projects Evergrande 15 billion invested in the construction of electric drive systems for new energy vehicles] 22 projects with a total investment of 74.3 billion yuan in the South Taihu Lake New area of Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, were started centrally, including the annual electric drive system project of 500000 new energy vehicles with an investment of 15 billion yuan by Evergrande Group. The project covers an area of 450mu, including central motor three-in-one powertrain technology research and development center, motor and autopilot technology research and development center, motor and battery inheritance research and development center and related workshops, with an estimated annual output value of 12 billion yuan after reaching production.

Recently, BYD added two new vehicle declaration information, namely, BYD Qin pure electric car and BYD Qin PRO pure electric car. The declared new car will use lithium iron phosphate batteries instead of ternary lithium batteries. BYD Qin PRO pure electric model, among the cars sold, NEDC has a maximum range of 520km.

[NEDC continued 605km BYD Han pre-sale model configuration release] May 20, the new BYD Han series models officially opened pre-sale, the pre-price range of 23.00-280000 yuan. On May 22, BYD officially released the Han pre-sale model configuration. Including the EV model announced the pre-price of three models, respectively, super-long-lasting version of the deluxe model, ultra-long-lasting version of the noble model, four-wheel drive high-performance version of the flagship model, a total of three models. The pre-selling price is 240000 yuan, 260000 yuan and 280000 yuan respectively. The Tang DM plug-in hybrid model provides four-wheel-drive performance version of the deluxe model, the pre-sale price is 230000 yuan.

[Huawei: purchasing new energy car parts is not for building complete vehicles.] Huawei's purchase of new energy vehicle reducers and related parts from Fulin Seiko gives rise to a lot of associations: does Huawei want to build a whole car? In response, Huawei Brand Department responded that the company has no plans to build a complete vehicle, it is not clear about the procurement use of the parts involved in the announcement, and the information is being verified internally. Another person familiar with the matter said that the cooperation should be limited to the field of new energy vehicles, not involving the whole vehicle.

[Sanya arranges 100 million yuan a year to support "new infrastructure" such as new energy charging piles. Recently, Sanya issued a number of measures to speed up the construction of new infrastructure in Sanya City. 100 million yuan will be allocated every year to support new infrastructure construction. The new infrastructure areas of Sanya include: information infrastructure such as 5G base station, data center, artificial intelligence, blockchain and satellite Internet; integrated infrastructure such as smart city, smart energy and new energy charging piles; innovative infrastructure such as deep-sea science and technology, southern breeding and satellite remote sensing; construction of key industrial parks such as Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City, Internet Information Industry Park and remote Sensing Information Industry Park.

[Toyota launches Panasonic square ternary battery in China's first pure electric car] on May 20, Toyota launched its first pure electric model, Yize E, in the Chinese market. It is understood that the IZOA E engine uses Panasonic's ternary square lithium battery and the battery pack has an energy density of 131Wh/kg. The battery capacity can reach 400km when the battery capacity is 54.3kW ·h, NEDC mileage.

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