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[SMM lead Morning News] Shanghai lead shock uplink closed up 0.5% overnight.
May 25,2020 09:01CST
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SMM, May 25:

Last Friday, Lun lead opened at US $1644 per tonne. In the Asian session, Lun lead fluctuated in a narrow range, with a center of gravity around US $1650 per tonne. In the afternoon, Lun lead broke its way down and entered the European session, where it accelerated its decline, reaching a low of US $1612 per tonne at one point. Later, with the opening of domestic trading, Lun lead, led by domestic strength, recovered its decline and finally closed at 1647.5 US dollars / ton, down 0.39 per cent. The recent trend of Lun lead is actually weak, relying more on domestic lead prices to stop falling and stabilizing. The situation in China and the United States is pessimistic over the weekend, so we should be on guard against the continued weakness of Lun lead.

Last Friday, Shanghai lead opened at 13935 yuan / ton. At the beginning of trading, Shanghai lead quickly rose to 14200 yuan / ton, then basically fluctuated in a narrow range around 14200 yuan, and finally closed at 14180 yuan / ton, an increase of 0.5%. Shanghai lead continues to shock strong trend, short-term existence continues to rise the possibility, the market point of view began to exist somersault, consistent bearish end, need to be cautious high short suddenly enter the market.

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