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The Ministry of Ecology and Environment will carry out a large-scale investigation involving petroleum, chemical and other enterprises.
May 19,2020 13:23CST
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SMM News: a few days ago, at the regular press conference of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the spokesman said that from the governance experience of developed countries, it is mainly good to control nitrogen oxides and VOCs emissions. As long as the emission reduction continues, the ozone concentration will be gradually controlled in the long run. The current ozone generation in our country is mainly controlled by VOCs (volatile organic compounds). In the next step, we will launch the 2020 VOCs campaign against ozone pollution. This document will be issued immediately, and the team will go down as soon as possible to co-ordinate the key tasks of epidemic prevention and control, stable and healthy economic and social development, and winning the blue sky defense war, with emphasis on promoting the three pollution control tasks. Starting from July 1, local ecological and environmental departments will carry out special law enforcement actions to punish enterprises that fail to meet discharge standards and do not meet the requirements of unorganized control in accordance with the law. Specifically, three pollution control fingers.

First, give prominence to precise pollution control. In the control of VOCs and ozone pollution to achieve time precision, space precision, industry precision, on the time scale to focus on the summer of serious ozone pollution, that is, June-September. On the spatial scale, it focuses on Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and its surrounding areas, the Yangtze River Delta, the Fen-Wei Plain, and the border area of Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong and Henan. The industry focuses on petrochemical, chemical, industrial painting, packaging and printing and oil storage and marketing.

Second, highlight the scientific treatment of pollution. VOCs exists in raw materials and products, for enterprises, volatilization is the loss of profits, effective recovery and control can increase profits, some are flammable and explosive substances, VOCs governance on the prevention and control of security risks is also very effective. We will guide the implementation of VOCs governance in five areas.

First, paints, inks, adhesives, cleaning agents and other products with low VOCs content as far as possible, related products VOCs content limit national standards have been issued.

The second is to focus on the enterprises that have installed pollution control facilities to ensure the improvement of comprehensive efficiency by improving the VOCs collection rate, synchronous operation rate and removal rate of pollution control facilities.

The third is to strengthen unorganized emission control, and the VOCs unorganized emission control standard will be fully implemented on July 1st. At present, the VOCs management and control of many enterprises are not refined enough, and the problem of unorganized emissions is still quite prominent. It is necessary to strengthen the omni-directional, full-chain and full-link management of materials containing VOCs.

Fourth, aiming at the key industries of VOCs emissions and enterprises with local characteristics, we should carry out industrial parks, enterprise cluster investigation and comprehensive improvement, and establish centralized treatment facilities to achieve centralized treatment of pollutants.

Fifth, strengthen monitoring and control, find out the law of VOCs emission and ozone generation, the law of migration and so on.

Third, highlight the treatment of pollution in accordance with the law. Under the current situation, it is more important to supervise enterprises in accordance with laws and regulations and emission standards, run pollution control facilities well, implement standards in place, and at the same time insist on the combination of assistance and law enforcement, send technology to enterprises, and urge enterprises to implement them.

In the near future, our ministry will send ten groups to carry out special research to help enterprises find problems, guide enterprises to speed up the transformation of emissions up to the standard, strengthen operation management, and increase the efficiency of enterprises. Thank you. Thank you.

2020 is the decisive year to win the battle to defend the blue sky. Together with relevant departments in various localities, we will thoroughly implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee on winning the blue sky defense war, adhere to the same direction and efforts, and persist in scientific pollution control, accurate pollution control, and pollution control in accordance with the law. we will continue to promote the optimization and adjustment of industrial structure, energy structure, transport structure and land use structure, coordinate economic development and environmental protection, and promote the continuous improvement of air quality throughout the country.

Work arrangement for 2020

First, classified guidance and accurate implementation of policies. On the basis of the three key areas, we should pay more attention to the northeast region, the border area of Mengning, Shaanxi and Shanxi, and the border area of Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong and Henan. Taking autumn and winter as the key period of PM2.5 control and summer as the key period of ozone control, we will issue and implement the "2020 VOC Control Plan".

The second is to implement key pollution control projects. We will actively promote the coordinated emission reduction of VOCs and NOx, strengthen the comprehensive control of VOCs in key industries and industrial furnaces, and strengthen the prevention and control of pollution from mobile sources. We will spare no effort to promote the completion of three major projects in rural areas in urban and plain areas, namely, the conversion of coal to clean energy, the transformation of iron and steel enterprises with ultra-low emissions, and the construction of special railway lines for bulk cargo transport enterprises, which will not only promote the improvement of air quality, but also help to stimulate economic growth.

The third is to strengthen regional joint prevention and control and heavy pollution weather response. Guide the relevant regions to unify the emergency early warning and emission reduction measures for heavy pollution weather, further improve the ability of PM2.5 and O3 pollution prediction and forecast, refine the emergency emission reduction list, and expand the scope of performance classification. When it is predicted that a large-scale pollution process may occur, guide the region to start a unified emergency response as required, and take practical and effective emergency emission reduction measures to reduce the degree of pollution.

Fourth, strengthen supervision and law enforcement in the prevention and control of air pollution. Optimize and adjust the coverage of the blue sky defense war and strengthen supervision and assistance work, and guide relevant places to organize and carry out targeted supervision and law enforcement according to the pollution characteristics of different periods of time.

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