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SMM5 March 12 North China Copper spot Market Express
May 12,2020 16:14CST
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SMM, May 12: the current contract of electrolytic copper in North China today rose by 50 yuan / ton to 120 yuan / ton, with a transaction price of 43400 yuan / ton to 43750 yuan / ton. Copper futures rebound hindered to fall back to 43600 yuan / ton line, the monthly price spread than yesterday expanded to more than 230 yuan / ton, the continuous expansion of the monthly difference so that the market willingness to dump cash, water further down, smelters and traders have the intention to exchange, all the water to reduce the willingness to close, quoted water 50 ~ 120 yuan / ton has some transactions, the average price of discount water lower than yesterday 95 yuan / ton, downstream transaction generally, bargain buying is the main.

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