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Us wants to expand export restrictions to China A-share semiconductor plate pulled up
Apr 28,2020 13:27CST
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SMM4, April 28 (Xinhua) on April 27, the United States issued new regulations requiring US companies to sell certain items, such as integrated circuits, to China, Russia, and other countries, even for civilian use, and to abolish the exception provisions for the unauthorized export of certain US technologies and products. These technologies and products include integrated circuits, telecommunications equipment, radar and high-end computers and other civilian products. It is understood that the amendments to the relevant rules will be published in the Federal Gazette of the United States on April 28.

According to reports, the above provisions remove the exception of civil licenses for Chinese importers and Chinese nationals, as well as other countries, including Ukraine and Russia, involving integrated circuits, telecommunications equipment, radar, high-end computers and other items.

Semiconductor plate performance strong, Jinfang science and technology limit, Zhuosheng micro stock price close to the limit, Shengbang shares, Huatian technology, Ziguang Guowei and other stocks rose sharply.

In addition, the Russian Satellite News Agency reported on the 27th that the Industrial Security Administration of the US Department of Commerce has prepared an amendment to regulations governing the export of dual-use items and technologies, stipulating that dozens of new products that can be used for military purposes must obtain special licenses from the US authorities when they are exported to Russia, China, and Venezuela.

The U.S. Industrial Safety Agency said the amendment was proposed because it was based on the U. S. national security strategy.

The development of semiconductors in China itself faces many difficulties and obstacles, and the imposition of export restrictions by the United States is bound to accelerate domestic substitution. Wan Lian Securities said that at present, the semiconductor industry in Japan and South Korea has been hit by the epidemic situation. Recently, the transaction of electronic components in the A-share market has remained active, and China has gradually resumed work. "domestic substitution" for semiconductor products in Japan and South Korea will become the development trend of the domestic semiconductor industry. With the epidemic situation fermenting abroad, the production reduction of Japanese and South Korean semiconductor enterprises has opened the window of import substitution for Chinese material manufacturers, and it is suggested that investors should pay attention to the relevant companies with strong strength in the field of semiconductor materials.

Zhejiang Securities said that the new factory is an opportunity, photoresist ushered in a replacement window. First, the new wafer factory is put into production: from 2020 to 2022 is the peak period of mainland China wafer factory, with Yangtze River storage, Changxin storage and other new star wafer factory and SMIC International, Huahong as the representative of the old wafer factory is in the period of capacity expansion, the next three years will usher in intensive production. Second, photoresist instead of window period: according to the characteristics of photoresist, the new wafer factory will be the main development enterprise of photoresist replacement. The intensive production of new wafer factories in China has opened the best replacement window for photoresist.

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