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SMM4 March 24 North China Copper spot Market Express
Apr 24,2020 18:34CST
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SMM, April 24: the current contract of electrolytic copper in North China today rose 250 yuan / ton to 350 yuan / ton, with a transaction price of 42150 yuan / ton to 42350 yuan / ton. Many refineries in the north have centralized maintenance, the supply of electrolytic copper is tight, the import of superimposed scrap copper is blocked, and the scrap copper raw materials are limited. Many processing enterprises turn to electrolytic copper materials. The price of water rising continues to rise within the week of 230 ~ 350 yuan / ton. According to SMM, in general, Shanghai and North China have a price difference of 150 yuan / ton (freight) can be transferred goods, cross-regional transport has been formed, a number of northern traders to Shanghai to buy goods to Tianjin, in the past two weeks shipments as high as 20, 000 tons (electrolytic copper and copper rods), if the price difference continues to expand, the proportion of transfer will gradually increase.

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