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[SMM stainless steel review] the SS2006 contract closed slightly near the 5-day moving average.
Apr 23,2020 18:02CST
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SMM, 23 April:

[SMM stainless Steel Review]

Today, the stainless steel SS2006 contract opened at 12995 yuan / ton. At the beginning of the session, the pressure shock fell back near 13150 yuan / ton. At about 10:40, the SS2006 contract led by the long position reduction fell below the 13000 yuan / ton mark and was supported near the 10-day moving average of 12880 yuan / tonne. Then the center of gravity fluctuated around 12920 yuan / ton until the end of the day, due to short positions, SS2006 contracts rose. It returned to the 13000 yuan / ton mark and finally closed at 13035 yuan / ton, up 90 yuan / ton, or 0.70%, from the settlement price of the previous trading day. The trading volume increased by 2493 hands to 30526 hands, and the position decreased by 2351 hands to 43860 hands.

SS2006 contract closed in the small column today, MACD red column gradually shorter and lower, K column as a whole along the 5-day moving average, follow-up attention to stainless steel contract 13000 yuan / ton first-line range shock.


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