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[SMM stainless Steel Review] the 13000 pass below the downlink of the SS2006 contract is temporarily supported.
Apr 22,2020 17:48CST
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SMM, 22 April:

[SMM stainless Steel Review]

Today, the stainless steel SS2006 contract opened at 13015 yuan / ton, during the day, the upper 13000 yuan / ton gate pressure, in the 12900 yuan / ton above the interval shock operation, and finally closed at 12950 yuan / ton, compared with the settlement price of the previous trading day fell 13015 yuan / ton, down 1.75%, trading volume decreased 13815 hands to 28033 hands, position increased to 46211 hands.

Stainless steel SS2006 contract closed in the small negative column, K column pierced the 5-day moving average, but the overall operation is above 12900 yuan / ton, today by crude oil and other macro impact, most of the non-ferrous metals showed a downward trend, Shanghai nickel 2006 main contract fell nearly 3000 yuan / ton, down about 3%; as of 17: 00, Lunni fell $245 / ton, down 2%. Compared with the decline of nickel metal, SS2006 stainless steel decline is smaller, showing a certain anti-decline trend, follow-up attention to the SS2006 contract can stabilize 12900 yuan / ton line.


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