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Weekly Review of Electrolytic Manganese (4.13-4.17) impact of overseas epidemic situation on Export of Electrolytic Manganese
Apr 17,2020 18:09CST
Overseas epidemic situation affects Export performance of Electrolytic Manganese is not good, domestic transaction Center of Gravity is temporarily stable
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As of Friday, the ex-factory price of spot tax in the mainstream area of the manganese triangle is around 10400-10500 yuan / ton, 50 yuan / ton higher than the average price on Friday, while the spot quotation in Guangxi on Friday is around 10400-10500 yuan / tonne, which is stable from the average price on Friday. In addition, as of Friday, China's FOB electrolytic manganese quotation range remained stable at $1500 / tonne compared with last Friday, the European electrolytic manganese market price this week fell $10 / tonne from last week to $1560-$1630 / tonne.

In terms of market and production, the overall operating rate of domestic electrolytic manganese plants in mid-April increased slightly compared with the end of March, and the daily supply of electrolytic manganese was about 4050 tons as of Friday. Judging from the current domestic and foreign demand, electrolytic manganese exports began to decline sharply in February, and this trend is expected to continue to May-June. Therefore, the current manganese price lacks the support of overseas orders, and the increase in manganese price is unilaterally expected to be limited in the later period. On the other hand, most of the domestic steel recruitment is nearing the end, the number of purchases has increased slightly compared with March, but the price pressure trend still exists, manganese factory price sentiment only increases, so there is little room for short-term manganese prices to fall.

Steel recruitment, Baosteel Desheng in April electrolytic manganese tender including tax cash to the factory price of 10500 yuan / ton, month-on-month purchase price down 300yuan / ton from March, April public purchase volume of 2000 tons. In addition, Hegang Group in April metal manganese ingots including tax acceptance to the factory price of 11700 yuan / ton, month-on-month purchase price down 300yuan / ton, April purchase volume of 150tons, month-on-month purchase volume increased by 90 tons. To sum up, although the purchase price of individual steel mills is lower than the mainstream pricing, but most manganese plants adhere to the high price because of the cost, so the low steel price has not pulled down the market average price, and basically continues to run smoothly.

To sum up, the trend of less overseas signing of electrolytic manganese has not improved rapidly in the short term, and the manganese price may continue to be strong and continue to operate mainly this week.


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