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[concern] A list of economic data from January to March
Apr 17,2020 10:51CST
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SMM4, March 17: today the National Bureau of Statistics released China's first quarter economic data, these data are not unexpected month-on-month decline. The sudden epidemic situation has indeed had a great impact on the economic operation of our country. In the first quarter, the main economic indicators fell significantly, but we also saw that the main economic indicators showed a rebound in March, and the rate of decline narrowed significantly. At the same time, we should also note that despite the severe impact of the epidemic, basic industries have maintained normal growth, the supply of epidemic prevention materials and necessities have been effectively guaranteed, the basic livelihood of 1.4 billion people has been better guaranteed, and the overall social situation is stable.

Mao Shengyong, director of the Department of Comprehensive National Statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, said that China will launch a stronger hedging policy in the light of changes in the situation, and it is expected that China's economy will continue its momentum of recovery, improvement and improvement in March.

"GDP fell 6.8 per cent in the first quarter from a year earlier the Bureau of Statistics: the economy will continue to pick up momentum

"Bureau of Statistics: retail sales of consumer goods fell 15.8% in March

"Bureau of Statistics: industrial value added above scale fell 1.1% in March compared with the month-on-month decline narrowed

"Bureau of Statistics: national utilization rate of industrial capacity in the first quarter of 2020 is 67.3%

"Bureau of Statistics: national fixed assets Investment (excluding Farmers) fell by 16.1% from January to March

"income and consumption expenditure of residents in the first quarter of 2020

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