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Metro Mining the first ship of bauxite has been shipped in 2020
Apr 17,2020 08:46CST
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SMM: Metro Mining (Metro Mining Ltd) announced on its website on April 15, local time, that the first shipment of bauxite in the 2020 operating year had been shipped on April 14 and is currently arriving in Skardon river. The first ship, Vialli, began loading on the morning of April 14. The first shipment this year was delivered to Xinfa Group, which will purchase about 2 million dry tons of bauxite in 2020 under the off-take contract.

Metro Mining began mining and transport activities on land shifts on 2 April and began 24-hour operations on 8 April. Thanks to favourable weather conditions, 142000 wet tons of bauxite have been mined and transported to ports, and 106000 wet tons of bauxite have been screened. Metro's experienced team improved efficiency by screening 850 tons of bauxite per hour, up from an average of 550 tons per hour last year. As of the 14th, all ships had been loaded with 28000 wet tons of bauxite before the Vialli arrived in Skardon river. At present, the bauxite mine is in a state of full load operation, and has not been affected by the new crown epidemic situation.

Simon Finnis, director and chief executive of Metro Mining, said it was a good start to difficult times this year, but it became very difficult to operate under the influence of COVID-19.

It is reported that, Metro Mining plans to have an annual production capacity of 4 million wet tons by 2020 and 6 million wet tons by 2021 and maintain stable production.

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