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COVID-19 WHF special: SMM offers one-to-one analysts calls, just for you!
May 14,2020

Being China’s leading integrated internet platform provider of nonferrous and ferrous metals, SMM connects you with market insights from over 100 in-house analysts and through our extensive network of over 10,000 metals and mining industry experts, including CEO, CFO, sales directors, procurement directors, technical managers, as well as risk managers of producers, traders and consumers of various industries such as real estate, home appliance, power cable, machinery, automobile and shipyards.


Over the past 20 years, we have built strong relationships with many companies, including state-owned enterprises (SOE) and various small-scaled and large-scaled private enterprises in China, across various industries.


In view of the current situation of COVID-19 where most of us are working remotely from home, SMM is pleased to announce a special arrangement for our customers, by providing exclusive one-to-one calls or conference calls with your preferred analysts and industry experts at your convenience. We also customise and provide the right expertise to suit your needs, so that you can get updated insights on the metals market or your preferred metal sectors.


SMM provides

•       Over 2,000 survey samples across mining enterprises

•       Daily updates of over 1,800 data points

•       Over 528 pricing points

•       Covers more than 80 types of metals

•       Covering more than 7,000 upstream and downstream industries, including over 1,000 miners, 400-500 smelters  and 5,000-6,000 downstream and end-user enterprises

•       Content coverage: pricing, output, capacity, cost, inventory, logistics, financing


SMM has an integrated internet platform of benchmark prices, analysis, news, consulting and conferences of the metals and mining industry. Headquartered in Shanghai with branch offices in Shandong and Guangzhou, we have an extensive network and deep-rooted relationships in China’s nonferrous, ferrous and EV metal industries. We also serve customers in the global metal ecosystem through our overseas office in Singapore and a well-built sales network.


With SMM, you can discover the REAL China from a global perspective.


For more information, please do not hesitate to contact your sales representative, or reach out to us at +86 21 5155 0306 or

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