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[SMM Analysis] Rapid recovery of Operation rate of recycled lead Enterprises supply recovery will be faster than demand recovery
Apr 1,2020 14:29CST
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SMM4, January 1: since the return of the Spring Festival holiday, due to the impact of the epidemic superimposed lead prices plummeted, recycled lead enterprises repeatedly delayed and lack of raw materials, so the supply has been in a tight state, the current market is also more concerned about the recovery of recycled lead supply. According to SMM research, as of March 27, the comprehensive operating rate of recycled lead enterprises was 33.5%, an increase of 10.5 percentage points over the previous month.

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At present, the state has made great efforts to promote the resumption of work and production of enterprises, and the problem of recycling waste batteries, which limit the supply of recycled lead in the early stage, has gradually improved. According to SMM research, the average price of recycled lead including tax last week was 13470 yuan / ton, up 25 yuan / ton from the previous month, but the weekly average price of electric waste battery and large white waste battery fell, and the smelting profit of recycled lead was nearly 400 yuan / ton. With the improvement of profits, the supply of waste battery circulation has increased, some large recycled lead smelters have also begun to resume production, and the operating rate of small recycled lead smelters may increase.

Generally speaking, the supply of short-term recycled lead is still in short supply, and the procurement of low-cost waste batteries is still not smooth, but in the long run, the supply of recycled lead raw materials is not a big problem, and the pace is only slow. It is expected that under the improvement of raw materials and the stimulation of profits, the recovery of supply will be faster than the recovery of demand, and there is more room for the supply of recycled lead to increase after delivery.

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