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SMM Webinar Series: How will weaker export demand impact China’s domestic metals markets?
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Apr 1,2020

The global widespread of COVID-19 has forced many countries to enforce stringent containment measures which result in a heavy impact on global economic activity.  Over the past two months, we saw serious disruption of manpower, transportation and production in China. We are now seeing these scenarios happening around the world.


The decline in end-user demand sparks concerns about China’s exports, as European countries and the United States are key consumers of metal related end-products such as motor vehicles, tractors, washing machines and refrigerators.


On the other hand, fears of supply disruption rose across copper smelters. As Chinese consumption recovers, miners in Chile and Peru are reducing operations due to the coronavirus outbreak, putting ore supply at risk.


Meanwhile, Philippines is anticipating a slowdown on its nickel ore shipments to China because of the strict quarantine measures as the country is in lockdown.


Join our webinar to understand the inventory situation of raw materials, as well as the demand/supply and consumption of the Chinese domestic metals sectors during this volatile period.


Date: April 8 (Wednesday)


Time: 5pm CST



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