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Rare earth prices steadied amid holiday-lulled trading
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Jan 19,2020

SHANGHAI, Jan 19 (SMM) – Rare earth prices in China little changed last week, as trades were muted and logistical services almost halted with a week to go before the Chinese New Year holiday.

SMM assessed prices of praseodymium-neodymium oxide at 277,000-281,000 yuan/mt as of January 17 and those of neodymium oxide at 289,000-295,000 yuan/mt.

Prices of praseodymium-neodymium metal stood at 355,000-361,000 yuan/mt, with those of neodymium metal at 365,000-370,000 yuan/mt.

For medium-to-heavy rare earths, prices of dysprosium oxide were at 1.68-1.72 million yuan/mt, with those of terbium oxide at 3.5-3.55 million yuan/mt.

Prices of dysprosium-iron alloy were assessed at 1.67-1.7 million yuan/mt, and prices of terbium metal were at 4.47-4.52 million yuan/mt.  

While some small-scale producers slightly lowered their quotes for light rare earths, quotes for rare earths held generally stable last week.

Prices of rare earths in China are expected to remain steady this week and trades will remain quiet, as the country will celebrate the CNY at the weekend.

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