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Shandong's Liaocheng activates level II anti-smog measures on January 2
Jan 2,2020 10:56CST
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Metal smelters have been put under capacity cuts ranging from 20-30%, and production at steel plants is also affected

SHANGHAI, Jan 2 (SMM) – Nonferrous metal smelters in Liaocheng of east China’s Shandong province have been put under capacity cutbacks ranging from 20-30% as the city on January 2 implemented level II response to heavy smog expected to last from January 2 to 5. 

This came after the city issued a red alert, the highest in Beijing’s four-tier warning system, on December 19. 

From January 2 to 5, lead and zinc smelters in Liaocheng are required to shut 30% of capacity and all producers of secondary copper, aluminium, lead, and zinc have to halt production. Heavy-duty vehicles below national stage IV emission standards are banned from delivering cargoes from the smelters.  

Meanwhile, steelmakers in Liaocheng are also under production curbs during the smog alert.

Category-B and C integrated steel mills should suspend the operation of sintering and palletising equipment, but are allowed to recover the respective capacity by no more than 50% after the smog alert remains in place for 120 hours.

Electric arc furnace (EAF) steelmakers have stopped vehicle shipping; independent producers of sintered ore and pellet as well as steel rolling mills have suspended production and are banned from delivering products. 

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