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September special purpose vehicle power battery installed capacity: Guoxuan leading security potential burst
Oct 31,2019 21:54CST
In September 2019, new energy vehicles produced 2903 vehicles, up 36.4 per cent from a month earlier, according to tram resources data.
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SMM: tram resources data show that in September 2019, the production of new energy vehicles was 2903, up 36.4 percent from the previous month.

Tram resources combed the installation of power batteries for new energy vehicles in September 2019 as follows:

From the market share, in September, Guoxuan Hi-Tech dominated the list with 47.633MWh installed capacity, accounting for 26.72%; Ningde era ranked second with 47.074MWh installed capacity, accounting for 26.41%; BYD ranked third with 17.153MWh installed capacity, accounting for 9.62%; Penghui Energy nearly doubled the installed capacity last month, accounting for 14.422 MWhh, accounting for 8.09%; It is worth noting that this time rely on the power supply to 10.251MWh installed capacity, with all the lithium iron phosphate to open the situation, a jump to the top five.

The total installed capacity of TOP10 enterprises reached 163.748MWha, accounting for 91.87% of the total installed capacity of new energy special vehicle power batteries in September. Among them, the top two accounted for 53.14%, and the total installed capacity of power batteries in the top three and the top five enterprises were 111.86MWh and 163.53MWha, accounting for 62.76% and 76.6% of the total installed capacity, respectively.

In terms of the type of power battery, lithium iron phosphate occupies the absolute dominant position in the total installed capacity of new energy special vehicle 178.239MWh in September 2019, the installed capacity of ternary lithium battery is 21.25%, and the installed capacity of lithium manganate battery is 13.29%, accounting for 7.45% of the total installed capacity of new energy special vehicle in September 2019. the installed capacity of lithium manganate battery is 13.29%, accounting for 7.45% of the total installed capacity of lithium manganate battery.

According to the trend of the proportion of the installed capacity of B-type batteries, only lithium manganate maintained a month-on-month upward trend, an increase of 33.2% from the previous month. Both ternary and lithium iron phosphate fell month-on-month, of which ternary and lithium iron phosphate decreased by 18.12% and 33.2% respectively. In the medium-sized heavy special purpose vehicle market, lithium iron phosphate is still the main installed capacity, becoming an important support for the growth of lithium iron phosphate.

Among the top 10 enterprises, Ningde era supporting car enterprises are still the most, supporting a total of 18 enterprises. At present, Ningde era has formed in-depth cooperation with Beijing Automobile, Yutong bus, Geely, SAIC, Guangzhou Automobile, Weilai, BAIC New Energy, Zhongtong bus and other well-known mainframe factories, binding major customers to provide protection for the sustained growth of the company's performance. While winning half of the domestic power battery market, the Ningde era has also made great strides in the international power battery market. Since the beginning of this year, Ningde Times has reached strategic cooperation with Honda Motor, Volvo Group, Toyota Motor, Daimler Card bus, Volkswagen (Latin America) Card bus and other international car companies, which will develop and supply power batteries for the above-mentioned automobile enterprises. Show its strong competitive strength.

In addition, the No. 1 Guoxuan High Technology in September a total of 18 car enterprises. In terms of product routes, Ma Guifu has said that Guoxuan will adhere to lithium iron phosphate and ternary synchronous. In terms of capacity planning, Guoxuan expects production to reach 20GWhby the end of 2019 and hopes to reach 100GWh by 2025.

BYD also announced plans to launch a new generation of lithium iron phosphate batteries from May to June 2020, with a 50 per cent increase in volume energy, an eight-year 1.2 million km life and a 30 per cent reduction in costs. BYD is looking at an across-the-board improvement in the technical performance of battery products to cater to the market for new energy vehicles after subsidies retreat from the slope until they exit. At the same time, speed up the pace of cooperation of external batteries. It is expected that new customers will be added in the later stage, becoming an important market for the external supply of BYD power batteries.

In the power battery installed capacity of the top 10 competition pattern, although the shortlisted enterprises have not changed much, but the ranking seats have changed very greatly, and the installed capacity gap between the head enterprises and the second and third line enterprises is also widening. It also means that over time, the number of corporate installations on the TOP10 list will become more concentrated. When the subsidy policy completely withdraws from intervention at the end of 2020 and there is no price subsidy in the market, it will be the real test for the new energy industry. What will happen to the competition pattern of battery enterprises for new energy vehicles? We'll see!

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