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Spot price of SMM stainless steel: 304 / 2B vols.-rough edge (Wuxi) fell 50 yuan / ton
Oct 31,2019 11:50CST
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"for more information, please click on the SMM Nickel topic:" SMM Nickel Chrome stainless Steel Industry chain Special topic "

Shanghai colored network nickel-chromium stainless steel industry research team, combined with SMM independent research first-hand data, provide analysis and views on hot events at home and abroad, analyze and predict the market trend, covering nickel ore, electrolytic nickel, nickel pig iron, nickel sulfate, ferrochromium, stainless steel and other sectors in the nickel industry chain.

"introduction to the weekly report on the stainless steel industry chain of Shanghai colored mesh:

Introduce: in the form of weekly report, the industry chain information of SMM stainless steel research group is presented intuitively, the information is accurate, the degree of professionalism is high, the data chart is detailed, and has a forward-looking and exclusive point of view. The price, output, maintenance, social inventory, steel plant cost and other important data of stainless steel are investigated and analyzed by SMM stainless steel research team.

In terms of information dimension, it fully covers the smelting end of steel mills, mainstream steel mill agents, traders of various sizes, processing enterprises, downstream terminal enterprises, and so on.

Instant information is rich, in addition to the weekly report, analysts and reporting customers will promptly exchange the latest market trends, seize the latest hot spots in the market.

In the future, after the listing of stainless steel futures, SMM will carry out the linkage integration of nickel-stainless steel industry chain information to help customers better sort out the trading logic of the two.

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