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[welfare Chong] SMM analyst WeChat Group Live Registration
Oct 30,2019 14:05CST
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With the end of the second issue of the live broadcast, SMM analysts WeChat Group Live activities have more than half, so far a total of six metal categories of market analysis, the number of participants has been nearly a thousand people, the first two issues of WeChat Group Live is hot, leaving a deep impression on everyone. Some friends missed the WeChat group live broadcast because they received the message too late.

For this reason, the editor specially collates the WeChat group live broadcast time and live broadcast topic content in advance to everyone. I believe that the next live broadcast activities will not let you down!

So what are the metal categories involved in the third issue of WeChat Group LVB?

According to the needs of customers in the industry, after in-depth research, we finally decided to choose: copper rod line, scrap copper, copper bar, aluminum strip, die-cast zinc alloy, zinc oxide, stainless steel these seven categories of hot topics, as this issue of WeChat Group Live sharing topic.

Details of the third issue of WeChat Group LVB are as follows:

Topic 1: copper rod line [copper rod industry overcapacity, poor downstream consumption, the industry continues to face impact]

Topic 2: die casting Zinc Alloy [opportunities and challenges facing the Die casting Zinc Alloy Industry]

Topic 3: stainless steel [demand weakens, high cost, stainless steel plant production reduction will be realized? ]

Topic 4: copper rods [scrap copper supply continues to tighten, copper rod industry is struggling]

Topic 5: zinc oxide [tire plate has not improved, can the zinc oxide industry warm up? ]

Theme 6: scrap copper [tightened scrap approval documents in the fourth quarter, which is expected to affect the import of 200000 tons of scrap copper]

Topic 7: aluminum sheet and Strip [Review and Prospect of Aluminum Plate and Strip Market in China]

The content of synchronous LVB topics, corresponding to the seven categories of WeChat LVB groups, are as follows:

Live broadcast Group of SMM Copper Bar Line

SMM Direct broadcast Group of Die casting Zinc Market

SMM stainless Steel Live Group

SMM Copper Bar Market Live Group

SMM zinc oxide market live broadcast group

SMM scrap copper market live broadcast group

Live broadcast Group of SMM Aluminum Strip Market

If your company's main products are involved in these seven categories, you can sign up to participate. Shanghai Nonferrous Network senior metal industry analyst, combined with SMM independent research first-hand data, to provide analysis and views on the current situation of the industry and future challenges, analysis and prediction of the market trend.

In addition, the live broadcast will be broadcast live through the form of WeChat groups. Live broadcast records, photos and practical information did not fall, and the next day they were synchronously sorted out to the SMM industry official account.

Friends who want to participate in WeChat group live activities, Xiaobian take you into the group for free interaction! (limited number of places)

Outline the key points. The schedule for the third issue of WeChat Group LVB is as follows (see red):

Please pay attention! (it is recommended to collect pictures)

In order to ensure the integrity of the live broadcast, please enter the group in advance!

How to join:

Scan the QR code, fill in the WeChat Group Live Application form, and sign up now!

Due to the large number of participants, we will review and invite you to join the live broadcast group as soon as possible. Please wait patiently.

Free access to the group, until the group is full!

Activity consultation: 021-31330333

"Click to sign up for SMM Annual meeting

stainless steel

For queries, please contact Frank LIU at liuxiaolei@smm.cn

For more information on how to access our research reports, please email service.en@smm.cn

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