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30000 tons of copper electrodeposit project completed and put into production in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Kinshasa) Rukuni for 300 days and nights
Oct 29,2019 15:34CST
Source:Huayu cobalt industry
Huayu Resources Africa Rukuni 30000 tons Electrodeposited Copper Project officially completed and put into production
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SMM: "now, I announce that Huayu Resources Africa Roukuni 30000 tons of copper deposit project officially completed and put into production!" As Ma Changnian, assistant president of the Group and general manager of the African region Management headquarters, made a sonorous and forceful announcement, the fireworks dispersed in all directions. Amid thunderous applause, the celebration of the completion and commissioning of the Rukuni 30000 ton copper deposit project was held at 08:30 local time on October 27.

Kislan Robert Baba Bruma, mayor of Lubumbashi, attended the ceremony on behalf of the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and extended warm congratulations on the official completion and commissioning of the Rukuni project. At the same time, he spoke highly of the contribution made by Huayu to the local economic and social development. He expressed the hope that Huayu will continue to inherit friendship and hope, deepen cooperation and exchanges, take solid actions to promote economic development, benefit the local people, achieve common development and progress of greater significance, and continue to write a new chapter in the development of friendship between China and Congo.

Shen Jianqing, executive deputy general manager of Huayu Resources Africa Management headquarters, read out a congratulatory letter from Chen Hongliang, president of the Group. In his congratulatory letter, the president said that the commissioning of the Rukuni 30,000 ton copper electrodeposit project marks another solid step in the control and development of cobalt copper strategic resources, and also marks the acceleration of the company's integrated mining and metallurgical management model to the fast track of development, which has promoted the overall, faster and better development of Huayu. President Chen hopes that project cadres and workers will delve into technology, strengthen management, and do a good job in service support, with a strong sense of mission and sense of responsibility, build the Roukuni project into an industry benchmark, and strive to push the construction of resource security to a higher level, so as to set an example for friendly cooperation between China and Congo.

Ma Changnian, on behalf of the African Regional Management headquarters of Huayu Resources, said in his speech that the Rukuni project has effectively implemented the principles of high efficiency, energy conservation and green development, and has built a modern production line with integrated mining and metallurgy and advanced technology. The construction of the Rukuni project has condensed the good atmosphere for the officials to start a business. I hope that all cadres and workers will give full play to their technical advantages, talent advantages, equipment advantages and location advantages, and enhance the staying power of development with technological leadership. Rally, take advantage of the situation, early realization of Rouconi 30,000 tons of copper electrodeposit project to meet the production standards, for the group's second entrepreneurship to create new achievements, and then spread the success of the report!

During the celebration, Xu Xiusheng, project manager of Beijing Mining and Metallurgical Technology Group Co., Ltd., Zhang Jiangwu, secretary of the party committee of China Railway Nine Bureau Congo (Kim) Mining Company, JEAN JACQUES CHOLA, deputy mayor of KIPUSHI, and other representatives of participating units and local governments delivered speeches. NGOY KIHETE ALAIN, an employee of the Congolese side, took the stage and led the staff of the Congolese side to take a solemn oath of entry. In the process of launching the celebration, the public welfare theme activity of "Love and warmth in the Community" was also held, and the unveiling ceremony of "CDM Avenue" authorized by the local government was held.

Luo Xun, general manager of Cinda Co., Ltd., Li Weidong, general manager of DRC (Tianjin) Group Co., Ltd., Fang Junnan, general manager of, Rich Mark, assistant to the president of the group, deputy general manager of Huayu Resources Africa Regional Management headquarters, Su Zhongfu, Lubumbashi municipal government, KIPUSHI town government, ANNEXE town government officials, representatives of foreign cooperation units, and other 50 guests attended and witnessed the ceremony.

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