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[SMM Steel City Morning News] Shandong Province this autumn and winter differential peak production policy came out
Oct 28,2019 09:00CST
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Monday, 28 October 2019

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Rising factor

1. Shandong Province's differentiated off-peak production policy in autumn and winter has been issued.

Shandong Province issued the differentiated off-peak production policy for industrial enterprises in autumn and winter from 2019 to 2020: it is necessary to implement differentiated emergency management. For iron and steel, coking, alumina, electrolytic aluminum, carbon, copper smelting, ceramics, glass, oil refining and petrochemical, pharmaceutical and pesticide enterprises in key industries, reference should be made to the "Technical Guide for Emergency Emission reduction measures in key Industries with heavy pollution Weather" issued by the Ministry of Ecological Environment and strict rating procedures. Refine the classification method, determine the A, B, C grades, and implement differentiation management.

Enterprises that fail to steadily meet the discharge standards for all kinds of pollutants, fail to meet the requirements of pollution discharge permit management, or fail to complete the task of comprehensive air pollution control in autumn and winter on schedule, shall not be included in the category of performance classification, and shall take measures to stop production or limit production at the most stringent level, in terms of production lines.


Falling factor

1. Bureau of Statistics: profits in the automobile industry fell 16.6% from January to September compared with the same period last year

Profits in the auto industry fell 16.6% in the January-September period from a year earlier, 2.4 percentage points less than in the January-August period, while computer communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing rose 3.6% in the January-September period from a 2.7% decline in the January-August period, according to the Bureau of Statistics. Profits in the equipment industry rose 0.9 per cent in January-September from a 0.7 per cent decline in January-August as a result of a rebound in profits in both sectors.


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